Long Time, No Writing

I was talking to somebody about writing.  And telling them about how I don’t really want to write about affliction things you can find elsewhere, like talents & glyphs & spells & stuff.

How I want to write about affliction the way I like how-to-write-better books.

I don’t like the ones that say “do this” or “don’t do this” or “this is for that.”

I far prefer the ones that just tell “so this is me when I began writing and this was me two days later and this was me three years later and this is me decades now.”  The ones that just really talk about the writing itself, or the circumstances that prompted the writing, but not really saying why.  Maybe a personal why, so I can take that personal lesson with me, but also so I can take my own personal lesson with me.

It’s a bit like pornography.  I know I like a how-to-write-better book when I like it.

I don’t like being told what to do, and I don’t really like telling others what to do.  I’m all for that whole figuring it out yourself process.

But even now, that stupid gear list I did for heroics gear?  THAT gets me the most pageviews.  Posts I really enjoyed writing, and even now, still enjoy reading?  Not much beyond their dawning week.

So this friend I was talking to then said, “Do you have to write for them, or for you?”

Pageviews are nice highs to have.


When I don’t like how-to-write-better books, I think it’s because I detect a bit too much For Them and a bit too little For You.

So, that answers that.


I’d leave it there, but while raiding, I’ve been doing a bunch of PvP (both BGs and a tiny bit of 2v2 Arena) and, more recently, going back to Outland to grind BC rep and solo/<5-man BC dungeons.  While doing a Kael’thas Sunstrider attempt (The Eye) on Twitter, someone sent me a link of them doing a 3-man of it.

In the process, I found 2 new blogs to read: Glow’s Branches & The Other Tank. To start: for soloing old dungeons (a favorite relaxation/anger-purge of mine) and for taking screenshots (for sharing those things I’ve been doing).  I’ll read on from there.

Long Time, No Writing

2 thoughts on “Long Time, No Writing

  1. I hope the Kael’Thas entry was helpful! Did you kill him? any nice drops?
    And Voros from The Other Tank is a guildie! =D (Love my guild!)
    I agree entirely with your sentiments about how-tos being a walk between “For Them” and “For You”. And it’s hard to get that balance right sometimes. I find myself wavering in my style between saying “this is what I do” and “this is what you should do”. I’m often slapping my own knuckles for the latter, but I still say it sometimes. Ah well, still learning this writing craft, very slowly 🙂

  2. mmm me too – i have chosen to come at it from “this is what we/I do and it works for us”. Also still learning though 🙂

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