My Gearsheet

Inspired by the Blueberry Totem post about how much BS is in “BiS lists.”  I agree, so I’m going to show you my own Excel spreadsheet of items for my own PvE gearset.  It’s not really a BiS list; in my view, it’s more of a source list than anything.  I encourage you to make your own; I’m just showing you mine (& possibly how I make mine).

I double-checked with people (via Twitter) whether uploading my own Excel sheet would be useful or not.  General consensus was people will use it just to tweak their own sets, so it’s meh if not useful.  I then commented the crap out of my Excel sheet, so putting a minimal FAQ (by worksheet) here.

If you have questions or comments, just comment on this post.

Download –> Poneria’s Gearsheet | Yes, it is MS Excel 2007.

Gear | The main sheet.  It was #4 in order, but I moved it up front.  It’s got a list of everything I could possibly use.  I have the professions Tailoring and Enchanting, so any other professions are definitely BoEs or BoAs (for Archaeology).  The top/title row is frozen and loaded with comments about what it does / how things are computed.

Big disclaimer: it’s tailored to me.  It’s aimed at affliction warlockery, so none of that spirit cloth stuff.  It doesn’t have BoP Engineering helms, because I’m a tailor/enchantress.  It says WHC (Wldhammer Clan) instead of DMC (Dragonmaw Clan), because I’m For The Alliance What What.  It’s got my own gearset highlighted; you can go highlight your own.  VP is Valor Points and VorPin is Vortex Pinnacle.

Things that are included in the SimC score calculation: intellect, spellpower, hit, haste, crit, mastery.

Things that are not included in the SimC score calculation: stamina, spirit, resilience, spell penetration, reforging, sockets, socket bonuses, enchants, gems.

MH + OH vs. 2H | I hemmed and hawed a bit over how to judge whether a 2H would serve me better than a MH+OH or vice versa.  I settled on how the 2H must outweigh the MH+OH score in order to be better.  The SimC score is the layout-sorting factor within the slot; so a higher staff on the list will beat the lower staff.

The Δ score, however, is based off a combination of two of the other slots — MH, OH, or 2H — and what I currently have equipped.  I currently use a staff, so the Staff is just a normal Δ formula: the item minus my current staff.

For a MH to be better than my current 2H, I take the highest easily available or perhaps already acquired (but not equipped!) OH and set that as my “poss_OH.”  That is, this would be the offhand I’d equip should I obtain a main hand weapon.  The combination of the MH and OH have to outdo the 2H in order to be an upgrade, so some algebra leads to the ” item’s score – (curr_2h – poss_OH) “.

The same formula is used to calculate possible offhand upgrades, except I have a poss_MH value.  When I finally get Incineratus, the 2H Δ column will likely become based off a difference of item score and MH+OH scores.

Item Name Comments | I use comments on the item name to sum up whether or not I want to go for an upgrade or not.  I list some +’s and some -’s I think are important, keeping in mind my currently equipped item, and I bold my gear-rolling conclusion.

Need means I will need on it in a dungeon or mainspec it in a raid or actively pursue the acquisition of it (craftables).

Greed means I will greed it in a dungeon (or need, if no one else needs it) or sidegrade it in raid.  (My guild’s loot rules define sidegrade as same ilvl, different stats.)

Next [Currency] means this is my choice for JP/VP or HP/CP spending.

Hooray often indicates I’ve reached my obtainable BiS or am quite happy with what I have.

An italics name of another item means I’ll replace this item for keeping around; usually used for swapping an upgrade in hit rating when I’m don’t currently use the +hit item for that slot.

Item Stat Sources | I’ve mainly used Wowhead for the item stats, with MMO-Champion for PTR items.

Scale Factors | The 2nd main sheet: here lies the scale factors you’d get from Simulation Craft or wherever.  These numbers influence the scores you get on the Gear sheet.

Scale Factor History & Graph | These are mostly for my almanac-like enjoyment.  I figure the graph will look spiffy once the expansion continues — or if I had started my ilvl history earlier, perhaps just before the 85 ding.

Cynwise’s DoT/HoT Haste Calculator | Borrowed from the awesome Cynwise.

Gems | I started a gems sheet originally, along with Enchants.  I’ve deleted the Enchants a while ago, but the Gems one is just too pretty.  Perhaps useful later for doing socketing theory?

I really just want to emphasize that this is my sheet for my own purposes.  I didn’t really develop it for other people, and I don’t really expect to develop it for people unless somebody’s suggestion also works for me.  Then really what’s the point of sharing it?  Well, I figure somebody will point out some cooler way of doing something.

Or maybe somebody out there is just like me and just really can’t not play with the pretty colors and borders in Excel.

Anyway, I hope you like it, if you decide to use it at all.

My Gearsheet

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