I feel like I oughta be writing some “real” post that discusses, oh, I don’t know, talents or gear or boss strats or whatever.  I am supposed to be a warlock blog, y’know, not some random blog that rambles on and on and drones on and on, oh, and, by the way, I play a warlock.

But I’ve been doing things in WoW.  Various things.  Things I’m a bit proud of (some of them), but things I understand if you’re a bit “eh whatever” about them.

Mostly involving Acheesements.  I don’t know if people use that word to mock achievements or what; usually I think an Achievement is something you do at the intended level, whereas an Acheesement is something you go back and do.  Like reputations from two expansions ago.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Outland lately.

my current BC reps list


As a Wrath Baby, I didn’t get to experience much, if at all, Burning Crusade content.  Especially not the reputations.  I think I had Scryers into Revered, but everything else was barely Honored if at all encountered.

The Exalted would be a cool title to have, but I’m happy with just exploring all the dungeons.  I’d already done the quest lines for the most part, having finished the Outland Loremaster in Wrath, but the dungeons I’d barely stepped into.  I’d stepped into some of the normal modes as an 80 in Wrath, but the heroics tended to kick my ass, even as Demo.  I’ve been revisiting them, and it’s way better at 85 than it was at 80.

I’ve been having a blast soloing the dungeons myself (as afflic), even coming upon this gem of a blog when my guildies decided to come along in the Tempest Keep Trio a few times (and we figured, aww hell, why not go into TK itself for a chance at the mount).

Some notes of fun:

The Fossilized Raptor looks fantastic in The Black Morass.  The only other mount-dungeon awesomeness I can think of is my Magnificent Flying Carpet & Throne of the Four Winds.

The Black Morass takes forever at 85.  Holy crap.  You kill the bosses so quickly, you get a mini alt-tab break in between waves.  Even just Corruption or — hell — wanding, it’s /yawn.

The Aether Ray Wrangler quest in Blade’s Edge Mountains.  DoTs kill it before I can complete the wrangle, Fel Flame will two-shot the ray, and even wanding will two-shot it as well.  The only solution?  Meleeing it.  Hint: take a 346 staff, because it takes FOREVER with a 359 dagger.

If you ever need Netherweave, I’ve got some.  (And Primal Nether.)  Holy Crap, Y’all.  Kinda makes me wonder whether the non-tailors get this much.

I have to /cry on Young Blanchy’s shoulder now that it’s Cataclysm.  Poor Blanchy!

Some achievement icons + the big heroics one

Next up?

For dailies, I’m focused on nailing Netherwing.  I should be able to complete this in about 7-9 days’ worth.  Been using WoWJuju to guide me in my grinding.

My choice of dungeon runs are Om-Nom-Mah-nah Tombs (Consortium) or the Caverns of Time duo (Keepers of Time).  I’m also doing short Sethekk Halls & Magister’s Terrace for their respective mounty drops.  Short?  “Killing only the mobs I need to kill to physically get my toon to Effin Anzu” as opposed to “kill every mob because it gives me a tiny bit more rep.”

My choice of running in circles killing things will probably be with Sporeggar, though I might go into the Underbog for Sanguine Hibiscus.


Archaeology Achievements

effect off The Innkeeper's Daughter
Almost there!  Unfortunately, I’m stuck flying all over Northrend for something Nerubian (either one or both), or hoping for many Tol’vir digsites (got 3 rares to go), or go somewhere else for a solo drop from a race.

My favorite items so far are probably Ring of the Boy Emperor (nice 359 caster ring!), The Last Relic of Argus (was standing atop the spire at Iron Summit, once), and The Innkeeper’s Daughter (which is a hearthstone).  When you finish using the IK’sD, it gives you a ghostly dwarf lady companion.

Pon in the Black Embersilk Gown

Good Looks

I do like my toon to look good.  A common complaint from me is whether my guild tabard matches my gear (or vice versa).  Doing some of the BC reps rewards you with tabards, so I’ve found some new favorites.

I’m currently digging the Scryers Tabard. It’s like the Little Black Dress of tabards, y’know?

Also, after seeing Cynwise with the Black Embersilk Gown, I just had to make one for myself.  Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdy. 🙂  Especially with that Power Torrent enchant on the dagger.

Pee Vee Pees

My guild got into PvP for a bit.  I even Arena’d with a resto druid; learned that if we survive the first minute or so, we’ll probably win if not outlast the other guys.  Seriously, outlasted a Holy Pally/DK duo once, and then finally beat down the pally in another after about 20 minutes of fighting.

Hopefully maybe the guild will get some Rated Battlegrounds going, or Arenas, though we’ve been doing a bit of Random Battlegrounds.

Sucks that you can only queue as a 5man.  I understand over 5 makes WSG or Gilneas practically a premade, but c’mon, AV?

I Step(ped) Into The Arena

Another post I had running through my head was Affliction in PvP, specifically a gear progression from a PvE set to a PvP set.  Trouble is, I know jack about PvP, and even reading amongst blogs, it’s not as set as PvE upgrades.  Sure, there’s “get the better stuff,” but there’s no real “Okay, I can go here and if it drops, cool, if it doesn’t, come back next week.”

Unless there’s a way to jinx myself for PvP upgrades.  (It DID drop last night.  Was so mad.)

So I’m afraid I don’t know quite enough to fully put a set out there.  I’ve been mainly following Cynwise’s advice.  (Also this one.  And this one.)

I’ve hit 2k resilience, 12.15% haste (D’AW SO CLOSE TO BANE TICK GAIN), 9.90% crit, 10.62 mastery, just under 5% hit, and 5.8k spellpower with 178 spell pen.  Ups/downs/murlocs?

Guild Achievements

Guild Achievement Screenshot

1. Yay, 50k Critters!  More specifically, hooray Armadillo Pup!

2. Those Big Cauldrons really are bigger.  We popped one last night in raid and it looks like if you took the top off, three or four toons could do a hot tub thing if they wanted to.

3. Al’Akir 10man was downed on Sunday night.  Go us! We almost got Ascendant Council down on 25 last week, but sadly, no cigar.  So we’re 10/12 10man & 8/12 25man.


4 thoughts on “Acheesements

  1. First off, that dress is HOT. You look great in it!

    Second, you’re right, the gear switch from PvE to PvP is not set in stone. You have to use your judgment on what you’re replacing – if you have Heroic Incineratus with Power Torrent, getting the Vicious Spellblade is NOT a priority. But you have to have a base level of Resilience (2k is a good start), so switching over to the crafted PvP gear set will probably be to your advantage, even if you’re in Tier 11 epics now. You just won’t last long enough, even with a healer. My healers like me because I’m anti-squishy – 33% reduction from Resilience, 30% from armor, 20% reduced from Soul Link, and heals hit 20% harder from Demon Armor.

    I would say the best PvE gear to bring with you into PvP are trinkets and weapons. (Darkmoon Card: Volcano is the shit, seriously.) You MUST have a PvP trinket if you’re not Human, but aside from that, those slots are generally the best for sheer DPS. If you’ve got good weapons, keep them, and work on a set of Honor/Conquest armor. Then fill in with Conquest Weapons.

    I need to go back and experience Outland, seriously. Wrath babies unite!

    Great post!

    1. Oh yes, I’ve got crafted PvP and have been augmenting it with spell pen cloak & various Argalothian drops. ( Of course, I’m a dweeb and some of my gear isn’t enchanted.

      Haven’t gotten to try out DMC: Volcano yet in PvP, but it’s also the shit in PvE. =P

      Outland…it was awesomely surprising to see Lady Sinestra (BE form) walk out of the building in the Dragonmaw Outpost. And I’m all “Ohhhh, you’re gonna die…later…to other people…hehehehehehe.”

      1. I didn’t bother enchanting all my crafted gear with super enchants. I think … actually, I’m still rocking just a basic Minor Speed enchant on my Bloodthirsty boots? But putting Power Torrent on my MH really made a difference. Holy moly, that plus the DMC:V? YES.

        You’ve already gotten the 2-pc bonus for your gladiator gear, which is really vital. I’d just go about replacing offset gear with Bloodthirsty and set gear/OH with Vicious.

        PvP gearing is actually pretty easy. I go with “what do I have to get so that I look put together?” and get those pieces first. I mean, we’re warlocks, we have to look GOOD while chain Fearing people, right? 🙂

        1. I tend to actually cheat the other way, specifically picking up pieces that aren’t blazingly obvious like shoulders, or that don’t show like my helm (I usually don’t show my helm). So it looks like I’m scrubbish (okay, maybe I really AM), but I can pull a tiny bit of whoop ass out of nowhere sometimes. Habit, I guess, from pugging as a tank/heals in Wrath, where people would see the blazing obvious pieces (chest, shoulders were biggest), think you were geared out the ass, and then pull like maniacs, usually resulting in Painful Run.

          Though the head & shoulder enchant prices make me cry. Even with my love of TB dailies, they make me cry.

          By enchants, I meant I don’t even have the cheapo enchants on some gear (*cough* bracers *cough*). It dismays my inner enchanter & raider.

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