(More) Acheesements

Though these are more achievement than acheesement.

Ring of Blood / Crucible of Carnage

Lol, whoopsy.  I hadn’t done any of it on Ponerya, despite having done it on my druids.  I think it was partly I don’t do group quests when I level and partly because when I leveled Pon to 85, there was all kinds of quest-jacking douchebaggery going on that made it take absolutely FOREVER to even finish part of it.

But this time, there were no asshole Horde PvP flagging and standing next to our bosses, and we managed to do the whole thing in ten minutes before the server got restarted.

UR Raiding

Having a bit of a shakeup, mostly in the schedule department, but it’s running tension into other departments, I’d say.

We recently defeated Ascendant Council on 25, as well as Al’Akir on 10man.  We even three-shot Al’Akir 10 later, on a night with people who hadn’t been there before and were stumped for a few seconds as to what to do next.

Lastly, we’ve peeked at Nefarian since we’ve opened it up a few times (that is, completed the rest of BWD) but never actually peeked at it because the officers are adamant about bashing our heads into Cho’gall 10.  Even when the 25 peeking of Cho’gall did better than the 10man has been doing thus far.

>.>  Yes, I’d rather progress on 25s, rather than progressing on 10s and farming on 25s.  25’s chaos is more fun, damnit.

Blowing Off Steam

In the meantime, I’ve been completing BC reps and PvPing to get some steam off.  I’ve hit Revered with Netherwing, and plan to grind out Ogri’la (only Friendly, yikes!) and Sporeggar next.  Maybe Consortium, depending how much Mana Tombs I want to run.

Recently got a BTG belt off Honor Points.  I capped myself on Conquest Points this past week, so another win in Arena will net me the VG chest piece, and then I can cap off to start a head/shoulder piece.  Then I plan to work up some TB comms to get head and shoulder enchants ready.

(More) Acheesements

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