Have an Eggsellent Time

I’ve already hidden my egg on this site.

Perhaps you’ve already found it.

You’ll know it if you do.

Perhaps I hid it a bit too early, but I’ve worked the past two nights and wasn’t sure I would be focused enough to put it up Saturday night / Sunday morning.

Even though I’m the defending 2nd-placer, I’ve got a lot going on this week, so I think I may just take it easy.  I’ll still hunt, and I’ll still send a list in, but I won’t be busting my chaps to win it.

Those who are itching to win it, you still have the defending champion to beat!

I hope my egg was clever (and maybe fun).

I had fun making it.

Remember, you have until the 28th (Thurs) at midnight UTC (that’s 8pm ET on the 27th (Wed), btw) to find all the eggs to win a prize.  Contest email listed here.

Watch out at Kamalia’s blog for the list of egg-hiding blogs.  Edit: The list!

Happy hunting! 🙂

Have an Eggsellent Time

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