4.1 Archaeology

That stupid gear list I did for pre-raid gear still gets a bunch of page-views from being linked somewhere.  I didn’t do a raid drop / Valor Point list, mainly because I was rather disgusted at how a gear list outshone all my wonderful personal posts.

Edit: Wowhead actually did a pretty good list.

Was going to do a 4.1 gear list — y’know, here’s pieces you can pick up to help out your raid set, and here’s a ton more if you’re just fresh out of 346 gear — but it’s really rather obvious.

Everyone and their dog will be after the wands (this one has +hit).

Bracers, too, are a prized rarity.  One of the rings actually isn’t too shabby. Hell, I might pick up the head piece for a backup +hit piece.

But really, if you’re decked in raid gear, it’s not that amazing a loot list.  If you’re freshly 346-geared, you probably want one of every slot.  Common sense rules again.

So forget about loot lists.  I’m more excited about the Archaeology changes.

Seven new rare items have been added.

Players now have a much smaller chance of getting a dig site for a race for which they have completed all rare finds.

Yeah, two notes.  But seven new rares!  The ones posted on MMO-Champion only total to six, so it’s exciting!

And the second note just made my day.  You see, I’m trying to get the bug mount.

From Tol’vir.  

Whose dig sites are only found in Uldum.

Which is on the same continent as the Night Elves (also Fossil and a bit of Troll and an eeny bit of Dwarf).

Night Elves — which I’ve totally solved, commons and rares.

And the new items?  3 Fossil , 2 Troll, 1 Vrykul, 1 Unknown.

Even if I don’t get more Tol’vir digsites (because I don’t have the troll sword, and the patch will add in more Fossils & Trolls), I still like the items I’d be looking for.  Two pets (Fossil + Troll), and I want to play with the amber vanity item (Fossil) in raid.

And in the process — Professor Ponerya.  

I’m two rares away.

Go go go, Patch 4.1!

4.1 Archaeology

3 thoughts on “4.1 Archaeology

  1. Sympathies on the traffic coming for the gear list over personal posts thing. I have a very similar thing and while it’s lovely to get the traffic, it’s sometimes frustrating if the gear lists aren’t the focus of your site!

    Pre gratz for Professor though 🙂

  2. I know the feeling regarding loot lists, my top post? HEALING post linked by WoM.

    Regarding loot, WANT the wands, but im still holding out for the boe one.

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