Professor Ponerya

This is purely a post just for me.  Maybe also for you, if you want to compare things.

Will be updated as I continue to find things.

Listed alphabetically.

Things not found yet are bolded.

Things found are colored like in-game.

Total Rares completed: 20 of 32 (63%)

Total Commons completed: 107 of 107 (100%)

I found two 4.1 rares to complete 20:
Haunted War Drums & Voodoo Figurine


SILLY FACTS | updated 28 April 2010

Most Common Common | Zandalari Voodoo Doll (8)

Total artifacts solved | 300  (12,162 fragments)

Top 3 races with most artifacts solved | Troll (79), Night Elf (68), Fossil (51)

Most used rare | Either Fossilized Raptor or The Innkeeper’s Daughter


DWARF | 27 Commons (100%)

Clockwork GnomeChalice of the Mountain KingsStaff of Sorcerer-Thane ThaussarianThe Innkeeper’s Daughter

FOSSIL | 12 Commons (100%)

Ancient AmberExtinct Turtle ShellFossilized HatchlingFossilized RaptorPterrordax Hatchling

TROLL | 14 Commons (100%)

Haunted War DrumVoodoo FigurineZinrokh, Destroyer of Worlds

NIGHT ELF | 18 Commons (100%)

Bones of TranformationDruid and Priest Statue SetHighborne Soul MirrorKaldorei Wind ChimesQueen Azshara’s Dressing GownTyrande’s Favorite DollWisp Amulet

TOL’VIR | 7 Commons (100%)

Crawling CrawPendant of the Scarab StormRing of the Boy EmperorScepter of Azi’AqirScimitar of the SiroccoStaff of Ammunae

DRAENEI | 8 Commons (100%)

Arrival of the NaaruThe Last Relic of Argus

ORC | 9 Commons (100%)

Headdress of the First Shaman

NERUBIAN | 7 Commons (100%)

Blessing of the Old GodPuzzle Box of Yogg-Saron

VRYKUL | 5 Commons (100%)

Nifflevar Bearded AxeVrykul Drinking Horn



My favorite addon was Archy, but it’s long been not updated, and 4.1 finally broke it beyond my tolerance for using.  The frame for the digsite listing broke, such that it extends the entire height of my screen, obscuring other things on my screen, and sticking the digsite list to the top of my screen.

I’m currently doing default UI, with a 2-button actionbar off my Dominos bars to hold Archaeology and Survey for easy, lazy reach.  But I’m looking around at other Archaeology addons.  I may just see if I can code my own minimal addon.

It’s also rather cool to see how good I’ve gotten at eyeballing the red/yellow/green distances, so I don’t even really need the distance marker from Archy anymore.  Well, it’s more of a rhythmic feeling — yellow is enough to get on my flying mount, go up then back down again — than literally looking at the screen.

I got DBM-Archaeology, after DBM removed the keystone found sounds.  I find them funny sometimes and awesome all the time.  Watch out: it uses Master Sound for the volume; the boss mod uses that sound setting to be heard over dimmed down Ambience and regular Sounds.



A macro I found on Wowpedia that prints a list of Archaeology stats to your chat frame.  The format comes out as ” Race: #UniqueFinds (Rares, EverSolved) “.

/run local g,a,n,c,r=GetArtifactInfoByRace for x=1,9 do r,a,n,c=0,0,GetArchaeologyRaceInfo(x),GetNumArtifactsByRace(x)for y=1,c do a=a+select(9,g(x,y))r=r+select(3,g(x,y))end print(n..’: ‘..c..’ (rare: ‘..r..’ solved: ‘..a..’)’)end

Professor Ponerya

8 thoughts on “Professor Ponerya

  1. OMG you found Tyrande’s Doll. I gave up after about two months of digging every night, all night.

    How long did it take you to get this far?

    1. I leveled on EK, trying to get the Dwarf staff. In retrospect, I should have saved my Dwarf solves and just leveled on Night Elf or Fossil or Troll, because it’s possible I had it about to pop, but I wasn’t high enough level, so it popped something else in reality.

      Anyway, I still don’t have that stupid staff. So I sympathize with the Doll fans, believe me, I really do.

      I can’t remember when I hit 525 Archaeology, but I’ve been doing the profession since it came out, let’s put it that way. Some weeks I did a lot of digging (like the past week), some weeks I did none at all (yay raiding & BC reps).

      Unfortunately, the statistics tab doesn’t track how many commons I’ve solved ever. Then, maybe, that’d give you an idea of how much digging I’ve done. WTB “Most Common Common solved,” hehe.

      1. Actually there is a way to look up your most common common! Under the archeology tab, you can see how often you dug up each artifact. If you want to know how many you dug up total, though, you have to add them by hand. Last time I counted my Night Elf artifacts, I had over 300 😦

  2. Kildren says:

    Hey bud,
    I too ❤ Archy. Here is the work around that I'm currently implementing. Hope it helps.
    Step 1. Download Minimal Archaeology from and install it
    Step 2. Log on to wow with both archy and minimal archaeology turned on
    Step 3. Shift+Left Click the Archy minimap icon to turn off the display yet preserve the minimap function.

    Crude, yes I know. But it gets the job done.


  3. Archy is definitely my favorite addon as well. While 4.1 did break it, there was an updated version released on WoWInterface. It unfortuntaely hasn’t made it’s way to Curse yet, so I had to manually put the addon into my interface. But nonetheless it works perfectly now!

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