Drafts I Liked

Not including this one in either count, I have 107 published posts and 98 drafts.

I feel bad about how my blog tends to mosy along in silence, posting occasionally every odd week.  I feel like I ought to be writing more, and I would think the amount of unfinished posts in my draft bin would tell me that lack of content is not the problem.

There are some crap drafts in there.  There are some drafts that were great at the time, but rather stupid and useless now (3.3 guides, woooo).  But let me show you some drafts that are up to a year old that I still would have liked to have written.

Healing VDW25 as an Affliction Warlock | 7 May 2010

This was written about the same time Miss Medicina and other healer-bloggers were discussing the differences between the types of healing: mitigation, passive healing, reactive healing, etc.  Valithria Dreamwalker was also the “reverse” boss fight; that is, the healers were the “DPS” on the encounter.

So I took the idea and ran with it.  If healers were being compared to a DPS role, would that make the DPS into a healer role?  If so, what kind of “healer” is an affliction warlock?

I thought about the purpose of a healer from a DPS perspective: the purpose of a healer is to keep you alive long enough for you to do your job (kill things).  Preferably also to prevent things from impeding your job — like dispelling debuffs that slow your cast time, etc. — but what is absolutely necessary is to keep you alive.  A dead DPS does no DPS.

I thought about what affliction DPS does, in those healer type terms.  Passive?  Proactive?  Mitigation?  Direct?

Really, the fight allowed me to theoretically flip the roles while keeping abilities the same and seeing if the same categories and theories that apply to the healing role would apply to DPSing.  I think I found they fit quite well, if not exactly, and being able to read healer blog entries with that in mind helped me figure out my role in VDW25.  In the beginning, I felt rather useless as a DoT-heavy spec and hated the fight.  By the end of the post, I loved doing that fight.

Stayin’ Alive | 13 Jun 2010

This one’s not really because I thought it was a great post, but a musing on frustrations and PvP.  This post was mostly me hating PvP — because I hadn’t totally jumped into the waters yet — and how I continued to hate PvP despite never really trying it.

Now that I’ve PvP’d, I realize it’s less about the inexperience I’ve had.  The greatest lesson I think PvP has to offer has really nothing to do with game mechanics.  Dealing with myself — my pride, my insecurities, my creativity, my stubborness, whether I know my strengths and my weaknesses or not — is the greatest lesson yet.  Still learning, too.

So when I see talk about that Healers Have To Die addon, I don’t think it’s the addon that kills healers.  In PvE, someone Lightning Rodding the center of the raid will kill you, but in PvP, I’ve found so far that the only thing that can kill you is you.

Maybe that’s a bit too zen.

What is Affliction? | 11 Oct 2010

It was a remembering of Windsoar asking me not only what the colors meant, but 10 reasons affliction warlocks rock.  It ended up as a windy musing on why the Death Coil icon was the Affliction spec icon and what it represents.

Sometimes I wonder if there should be a post — “Reasons You Want To Play Affliction” — but it only ever gets half finished because I get so excited that I just have to go and play right now.

Rants on Simulation Craft & BiS | various

I love theorycrafting and putting together the puzzle of game mechanics and gear.  I love exchanging ideas in a passionate yet academic fashion.

I hate how closed the theorycrafting community is to newcomers to theorycrafting.  I hate how little documentation / learning resources there are to explain the numberspeak of even current gear/spec guides in human and meaningful prose.  (Meaningful prose = answering the question “Why the fuck should I care that this number is of this magnitude?”)

There, that’s the short version of it.

Macros and Keybinds | various

Along the lines of my Power Auras page.  Also delving off into that Project 5×2.  Keybinding and UI philosophies and practices are highly intriguing to me.

Mechanics | various

Resource manipulation (The Art of Life Tapping).  Pet control.  How to Kite.  Crowd Control and Tank AoE.  These are less musing posts.  I think what I really want to say is, “This is really how we do shit as DPS known to do these things and it really makes me facepalm when a healer who clearly doesn’t grasp the concepts behind kiting tries and fails to kite an Omnitron slime, so here’s my attempt in not to be a total dick but offer some help and advice.”

The Role I Haven’t Played | 30 Jan 2011

I want to continue this one, but I don’t want to fuck it up.

It’s one big metaphor post again, this time comparing a raid team to a soccer game.  It was about when I say I’ve played all the roles — defender, striker, goalkeeper, midfielder, side referee, center referee, bench-warmer, water-girl, ball-girl, coin-flip captain– and then realizing, no wait, that’s not right.  I’m missing a role (coaching).  The WoW end of the coachin metaphor extends to raid leading and group leading (heroic/battleground) and guild leading/officering.

It’s about what’s holding me back from that role, why I can’t excel in that role just yet, and qualities I admire in people who do excel in it.

It’s also about what I took away from other roles to bring back with me to my current role, both in WoW and in soccer.  I was primarily a goalkeeper in soccer; I still identify with goalkeepers.  I’m primarily a warlock, and I’ve played other toons seriously, but my warlock will always be my foremost toon.

Stuff I’ve Been Doing | various

Reps.  Old dungeons.  Archaeology.  Theorycrafting musing.  AKA much playing with pretty colors and formulas in Excel.

I’ve been playing a rogue recently.  Difference between leveling rotations and raiding guides.  Also, leatherworking, farming leather sucks but skinning is kind of addicting.  Skinning: the OH SHINY profession that can actually kill you on a regular basis.

And a moonkin, oh look, I’m a terrible moonkin.  Hey, I want to try resto PvP.  Holy crap my tree druid is made of paper in PvP — GUYS THIS IS RATHER HILARIOUS.  I wonder how many HoTs I can get off before I die.

Crap, my bag addon broke and now I’m getting used to the default bag interface again (UI philosophies).

Gearing for PvP when I’m a cap-level, brand spanking new to PvP, PvE raider.  Oh wait, PvP gearing isn’t that hard to list out, it’s just more holistic than a PvE gear list.  Or is it?  Read a post about BiS theory.  Add to the BiS/SimC rant bin.


But I’m not sure everyone wants to hear about these things.

So I don’t publish them.

Yep.  My superego is a perfectonist guilt-tripper extraordinaire.  (That fucker.)

Drafts I Liked

10 thoughts on “Drafts I Liked

  1. Re: Stayin’ Alive: When I first started playing WoW, I swore that I would never PvP. “It’s not for me,” I said. “You’ve got to be crazy to want to do that.” “There’s no way I could do that.”

    Funny how that turned out.

    What keeps me writing about PvP is what you touched on – it’s as much about the internal struggle as it is the external one. You will fail, repeatedly, in PvP. You have to deal with that. You will screw up and sometimes kill your entire team because of it. You will be in situations where you have opportunities to swing the battle one direction or another, and you have to deal with it. You can be in situations where you have no chance at all, and you have to deal with it.

    I would love to see most of these post ideas developed further. It’s tough sometimes to find the focus to bring one from draft to post, and I have a folder of my own that is a wee bit stuffed right now. I’ve found that often, when I don’t know what to write about, the best thing for me to do is ask around. I’ll toss out 3-6 ideas on Twitter and see what people want. Sometimes that breaks the mental logjam. Sometimes it just gives me a sense of what people find popular, which I often find surprising. Sometimes I’ll find that I don’t want to write about the popular topic after all. It’s a funny thing.

    So, if I were to rank the drafts I’d like to see as finished posts:

    What is Affliction?
    Rants on Simulation Craft & BiS
    Stayin’ Alive
    Macros and Keybinds
    The Role I Haven’t Played
    Parts of Stuff I’ve Been Doing

    But that’s just my opinion. 🙂

  2. Really good idea for a post. I always get ideas, plop them in drafts to go back to later, and guess what I never do? And these would all make brilliant posts as well!

  3. Darlaan - Sentinals US says:

    I have a question for both you and Cynwise. Do you find that the warlock is underpowered? I understand that we warlocks are a support class but in PVP I find that if I am attacking a healer or a paladin I can not run their health down as they heal way faster than I can damage them. So all they do is stand there and laugh at me. I don’t know if I am just doing something wrong or if the warlock class is just underpowered in PVP. I do play affliction by the way and I love it!!!

    When I play my feral druid or my mage I have no problem running down their health. In my opinion all classes should be able to run down opponents health, otherwise there really is no point to play that toon in PVP unless your relying on your teammates to “HELP” kill toons that you should have a chance against 1v1.

    If you think I am doing something wrong, please let me know so I can learn and improve my play.(and yes, I try to keep them in fear as much as possible)

    1. Felpuppy’s Spell Lock is one of the best things evar. Devour Magic is great, too. Infernal stun is ridiculous fun as well. Especially from up top in WSG.

      That said, holy pallies are a bitch & a half. Hate that bubble so much. SO much.

      IMO, if you’re looking to win every battle 1v1, you need to get out of the battlegrounds /arenas and go duel outside the cities. Battlegrounds & arenas have teams for a reason; you’re not supposed to go it alone.

      The reason you can’t always run down somebody’s health is because at that moment in time, they are exercising their right to have a chance against you. It’s player skill, not class abilities, that runs down health in short time.

    2. Every class has counter-classes. It’s part of the design, and there’s not much we can do about it.

      If you get owned by a Rogue, well, that’s a rite of initiation into warlockery. 🙂 We’re very weak against melee in general, but rogues have tools specifically designed to lock us down and rob us of mobility. If your CDs are down and you don’t have a circle handy, you’re dead.

      Healers can be tough for some warlock specs. Affliction struggles against Resto druids – you need to have a smart combo of spell lock, devour magic, and fear to wear them down. It used to be easier with Drain Mana, but … I won’t go into that. You have to wait for them to be off balance, then lock them out and kill them quickly.

      Destro, on the other hand, fares better against resto druids – as long as they can keep Immo protected.

      Learn to kite melee. “Kite like it is your job and you are getting paid a lot of money to do it,” to quote Dusk’s Warlock BG manual.

      I second Poneria’s suggestion for dueling. Find friends who won’t go easy on you, or just hang out around the city gates and see what you can get. Any practice is good practice.

  4. Darlaan - Sentinals US says:

    Thanks for both of your responses. I do use the Felpuppy when I pvp. I think I do need to learn to use his abilities better though. I find kiting with a warlock to almost be impossible, probably because I am so used to my hunter and mage abilities that I find my warlock doesn’t move very fast. I feel like it is a rabbit chasing a turtle, and of course I’m the turtle….lol. Well I guess Practice makes perfect.

    1. Do you have a movement speed enchant on your boots? That helps a tiny bit. I myself am still learning to use my Demonic Circle in excellent fashion, but that helps as well.

      1. Darlaan - Sentinals US says:

        Hmmmmm….I didn’t even know a speed boost enchant existed. I will have to ask my enchanter about that. I must have missed it while reading the list. I too am trying to get the hang of the circle. I use a Naga mouse and still don’t have enough buttons…lol. (Re-enter the 5×2……now)

        1. There are currently 3 boot enchants that include “movement spreed increase;” the ones casters go for are Earthen Vitality (speed & +30 stam) or Lavawalker (speed & +35 mastery). (The 3rd gives Agility.)

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