Things I’ve Been Doing

Nobody likes these posts, I guess.  The “I haven’t forgotten about my blog, but, well, I guess I have since I haven’t felt like posting here,” posts.

But I’m not sure people wish to hear about my various alts who were leveling, or how I’m starting a protadin through dungeon soloing along with my bear, and I might even do a demo lock run just for shits and giggles.  I’ve been posting here in order to get myself to write, but even that I haven’t written much.

Yes, demonology lock.  (Now we have the trifecta! Except he does have an affliction offspec, as does our Destro lock, so at times we might have a round of afflic.)  We’ve had a round of recruiting, and with just myself and the destruction lock in raid, they put up “warlock” under the recruiting.  Result: we had a demonology lock apply and he’s a beast at DPS.  Makes me want to break out the offspec.

I’ve made a separate Dominos profile just in case I go back to an affliction PvP offspec.  I’m compiling some Demo-favoring gear; half of it is still my affliction gear, but I’m anticipating a 2pc t12 incoming this next Tuesday.

The good news for going Demo is currently (4.2) I still get to run around with Bheezhem the felhunter, at least for single-target fights (as I’m reading it).  However, I still find the felguard (Skurikkilig) to be more useful when I’m doing dailies.

We had a large discrepancy in DPS numbers on our Rhyolith kill between myself (as affliction) and the destro lock.  After I brainstormed a bit on Twitter (thanks, guys!), we had an analysis discussion in PMs, and it was brought up that maybe it’d make a good post to compare the strengths and weaknesses among the specs of warlocks.  To keep myself in check for competent DPS, I use my destro counterpart often enough as a measuring stick; we often get assigned to the same stuff, and I know if stuff dies before I can get my meat going, he’s likely to beat me, etc.  He is our legendary recipient as well, so he’s no fool either. 🙂

So that might be a post sometime soon.  If I can figure out demonology, because aside from some lolling around in Isle of the Conquest in late Wrath as demo, I’ve never play demo before.  Actually, I’ve never played destro before, either, to the best of my memory, so clearly, after demo, that’s what I will do with my JP.

On the flip side, for the first time, I’ve gotten the middle tier crafted patterns DURING the tier.  I’m a bit of a completionist, so this makes me a little happy whenever they hand me another pattern to learn, but with tier hands I only need the boots, really (unless I can manage to get shoulders AND head for 4pc).  Thus, my Dreamcloth is considered “donated” to the guild bank.  Pity it’s BoP, so I can’t actually donate it.

Everyone also keeps talking about the transmogrifier.  While I’m sure tier 8 will creep in there often, I wish I could take off armor and just go with a Black Embersilk Gown.  I’ve already got an equipment manager set for it.  However, at the very least I’d still have shoulders on that, which would look pretty horrible.  I know there’s a quest reward that gives a naked chest piece, but how about a naked set?  Or at least naked shoulders?

Speaking of shoulders, t11 shoulders look awfully out of place on t12 chest & hands (which is my planned 2pc — mmmm haste’n’hit).  So, I will have to put aside my Scryers tabard (<3 Scryers) and put on Tabard of the Achiever to keep it sort of working.

So, yeah, nothing terribly to report other than I’ve been doing stuff both warlocky and non-warlocky.

Things I’ve Been Doing

One thought on “Things I’ve Been Doing

  1. Welcome back Poneria,

    I agree, running Demo for the dailies is awesome. I’ll send my big guy down to a group of elementals and let him spam his aoe to aggro them all. Then start blasting away on them. In no time at all I have 8:8 dead.

    Speaking of the Embersilk gown, did they fix the model for male characters yet?? 🙂


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