Being Twisted

So…Wednesday I got invited to be on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. I haven’t been on it yet, and while my blog has gone rather stagnant, I admit, I accepted if they needed a warm body. So, if you want to hear me ramble on, it’s this Friday at 8 Pacific / 11 Eastern at TNB’s Stream.

I’ve begun writing elsewhere, a place I’m calling Ancient Grimoire. It’s a blog on the in-game hobbies I tend to have, which is mostly trying to find a challenging way of leveling now that leveling has become “spit in any direction and win XP.” I started when I learned bear tanking back in Wrath; I’d go solo old BC heroics and practice pulling and cooldown popping. Once I leveled my paladin, I took her to the same places, though the BC heroics are now cake in Cataclysm. The Wrath heroics are a new project. I rolled a warrior (and a DK, for about the 7th time) in order to complete my set of tanks, but I decided that I’d solo dungeons starting at low levels, just to make it more interesting.

I was rather excited to write these things down, if just for me. I’d done it once or twice here on Fel Concentration, but people commented they wanted warlocky things not alt things. So I feel like I must not write them here.

“Another dead warlock talent!” for the name, except I was thinking of the books you had to buy to train your demons, so there is actually still a talent called Ancient Grimoire. It’s down in the Demo tree. But Grimoire fits the whole “dungeon journal” approach of my projects.

I will get to write about my crap computer here; I’m finishing shopping around for parts for my tower guts. The Razer Naga is working out well, at least on the alts front. I haven’t put much on my warlock’s Naga keybinds, because, well, I’ve done well enough with this keyboard and 2-button mouse for over three years of playing. I might use it for a few pet macros (or move my Fear macro), but that’s about it.

I’ve had a few urges to write about …what to call it, style of play? … of warlocks.  Affliction locks, especially since the Caraway Blood Pact articles on WoWInsider never seem to totally agree with me, but also general locks.  In my guild’s raids, we’ve had for a long time myself the affliction lock and a destruction lock.  We usually have the same assignments in raid.  We’ve added a demo lock, and he gets defaulted in with us on assignments.  There’s things demo is great at and things demo is bad at, and they’re not quite the same as the things afflic and destro are good or bad at (even afflic and destro can differ in results).

I have notes about WoL and warlocks, about strengths & weaknesses / raid assignments for warlocks.  Notes that happen during raid, writing in between wipes.  I’m not a heroics mode raider, and, while I’ve been told I’m a pretty awesome warlock, I’m afraid I’ll get it wrong, especially on the other two specs.

So for now, those posts are still in my notes.  They get typed up whenever a Blood Pact article comes up, but then they get put aside for later and never get published, really.

Also, Cynwise beat me to the macro punch, but I’m planning on redoing my macros (since I keep flipping my PvP offspec to Demo), so maybe those will go up …sometime.

“Sometime” because I actually should be writing a bio for my gnome bard, who’s joining mid-campaign in a Pathfinder/D&D game with RL friends.  I vary as meh to not much of a fan of “tinker gnomes,” which is the WoW model of gnomes, but I love “fey gnomes,” which are the more sinister and tricksy gnomes like leprechauns.

So, I’m playing a bard, because as far as roleplaying goes, I’m not so great at acting (even among a small group of friends) but I can rhyme my ass off and make many horrible puns without penalty. 🙂

Being Twisted

3 thoughts on “Being Twisted

  1. I also have small hands, and recently bought a naga… and was PLEASANTLY surprised by how small and light it is. Be interested to see what else you think as you use it more 😀

    1. Same — I have small hands and I was surprised I could palm it!

      The only part right now I don’t like is the two buttons on the side of the left mouse button. It’s awkward getting either my index finger or my thumb over to click either of them (especially the upper one).

  2. Looking forward to catching you on TNB! I started levelling an Affliction Lock recently but running out of mana after every pull in dungeons. Lots to learn I think. Anyway, best of luck on the show!



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