Progress: Legendary & Heroics

My guild, Undying Resolution, has been making some awesome progress in Firelands.  Since the nerfs made most of the fights stupid easy on normal, I figured doing a bit of legendary raid work would break up the monotony a bit.

So Tuesday, 9 other peeps bared with me during a night of wiping while I gathered the foci while also saving the bosses for the 25man.  Last night, in the full 25man, we did the mini-encounter with Volcanus and then downed Heroic Shannox — all before break!  I’m also already a quarter of the way to the Runestaff. 😀

So have some pictures / captions of those things (sorry, my graphical quality is the suck).  Of course: spoilers for the legendary’s questline if you don’t wish to see the inclusive parts between Delegation and Time Grows Short (3 quests).

First, we ran up to the portal behind Beth’tilac’s lair, and walked in.  There’s 7 Harbingers of Flame there.

There's the Branch of Nordrassil. Clearly you just kill these guys and it's over, right? 🙂
Bad touch, bad touch!

UH OH! Looks like it’s not that easy! Unfortunately, I didn’t grab a screenshot of phase 2 due to deepsing treants and trying to stay alive. But after phase 2 ends, I turned into a giant tree!

Gigantic tree has gigantic flowers.

Don’t worry, you shrink back to just a big tree when Volcanus comes out to play with you. You also tank Volcanus. One of the wipes, I started drain tanking as last one standing, but died at about 12%. I managed to drain-tank from about 25%. If only Blizz hadn’t nerfed Drain Life…

We defeated Volcanus, I picked up the Branch (quest item), and (pre-planned set) hearthed to Valiance Keep to meet up with Kalecgos at the Amber Ledge.

My temporary title -- Ponerya, Blessed Defender of Nordrassil -- as I meet with Kalecgos to return the Branch of Nordrassil.

I had a flower trail as I was flying, and this screenshot is mostly to capture the temporary title you gain — Ponerya, Blessed Defender of Nordrassil.

Does it not look like he's sneezing it out?

After you give the Branch to Kalecgos, he transforms it into something useful like a stat stick for you.

I don't know that the branch is forming. Maybe "breaking out" is the better term here.
New Shiny!

The next quest involves a cutscene. You fly with Kalecgos to Coldarra, looking for Tarecgosa. Suddenly, you’re ambushed by the Twilight Dragonflight. Oh No!

No, Kalecgos! It's a TRAP!

But wait, Tarecgosa is here!

But wait! Tarecgosa to the rescue!

She flies low to pop the Twilight guy’s bubble and save Kalecgos, but it kills her…almost.

Tarecgosa saves you & Kalecgos from the Twilight Dragonflight -- at a price. 😦

So Kalecgos asks you, in order to save Tarecgosa, to bind her essence to you. It’s like reverse Soul Link, I suppose.

It's like Soul Link, except better.

However, to make the binding of you & Tarecgosa permanent, a (Blue) Dragon Aspect is needed. Except, of course, the temporary fix won’t last until Malygos’s successor is chosen. But, you can extend it using materials from the Firelands — 1000 Seething Cinders, to be exact. I was getting about 50 per boss (we had one heroic mode) on 25man, and ended the night with 265 Cinders (4 N & 1 H bosses). Sadly, the Cinders only stack in 250s, so at the end of it, you’ll have 4 bag slots of Cinders to turn in.

Here’s a screenshot of the Branch on my person with the temporary title up. I also noticed that every time I died, the title defaulted back to no title, so after a while I just went back to one of my normal favorites (of the Nightfall).  The “buff” you get to poo flowers and have this title actually showed up under my debuffs.

The greener flower trail also contrasts well against the floor of Firelands. Some people followed my flower trail on wipe runs (ever since they hotfixed the Unstable Magma guy, we almost always wipe to it).

Here's the Branch from the back along with your temporary title (2 hours).

After the my questline sidetrack, we went on to business-as-usual and had a few attempts at heroic Shannox before downing him before break!

Shannox 25H down! UR is now 1/7 H on 25m.

Several pieces of loot dropped, including heroic tier legs (pally/priest/warlock). I rolled and won, because apparently the guys ahead of me in EPGP want 4pc first. The ring and the boots also dropped, but since I’d won the legs, I rolled knowing I’d lose.

Except I won the sandals, despite being halfway down the EPGP list. o_O After that I stopped rolling, because, seriously guys, just getting the Branch was going to be loot enough for me that night. Stop giefing me things!

I made out like a bandit last night, but most of the pleasure came from the good mood in the raid. Even with facerolling bosses going on, the raid was joking around and the atmosphere was fun.

For example, while our GM/RL taunted the demo lock on whose egg pile was dying faster, the raid rallied together (or mutinied, depending on your perspective 🙂 ) to down his bird first.  Alysrazor used to be “guys, let the flyers and the healers get the feathers first,” and now it’s a free for all if you want to Starfox.  I managed to go up and Starfox a bit better than the last time.  I find I keep flying faster and having to stop to go back for the ring.

Tonight, we’ll get to repeat our Domo 25 kill and do some attempts (hopefully kill!) on Rag25.

WOOHOO!  Go Undying Resolution! 😀

Progress: Legendary & Heroics

3 thoughts on “Progress: Legendary & Heroics

  1. Skarnu says:

    The atmosphere last night was very relaxing, I’m looking forward to tonight.

    The best part though was finally getting DI… I love you forever for that one 🙂


  2. Noodlenose says:

    I really enjoyed the Charging the Foci night, was a nice change of pace.

    Our warlock is second in line for the legendary, and is struggling with Through a Glass, Darkly. Not sure on the details, but I think its the final boss that is giving him trouble. Any tips on your strat?

    1. I did that as affliction with demo subtalents (instead of raiding’s normal destro), just fyi.

      If it’s the pet (feulhunter) bugging out that is giving him trouble, put the felpup on passive, and then stand in boss crotch (careful if you trail fire there). When the pup is on passive, he follows you everywhere, and it fixes the buggy range issue for Spell Lock / Devour Magic for him when you’re standing right under the boss. I also sent (attack) my felhunter off to hit the adds, slapped a Corruption and maybe a UA / BoA on the adds, sometimes a Death Coil for kicks. Then Drain Life as filler.

      Edit: I also wasn’t shy about using Demon Armor instead of Fel Armor some of the time.

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