0) No, I didn’t go, or buy a stream ticket, I’m just reading off things like MMO-Champion & WoW Insider.

1) Some of the new talents are familiar, some of the talents are blah, some of the talents are a combination of o_O & :D.

2) I wonder who gets Malefic Grasp and what exactly kind of spell it is.  Speculation from Jagoex is it’s for Demo, and I’m wondering along that line if it’s not a new Hand of Gul’dan type spell.

3) I still intend to be “Affliction” in Mists of Pandaria (or MoP as everyone is calling it).  We’ll see how this works.

4) I’m disappointed that “challenge” dungeon runs are just timed runs.  Though, it’s interesting that they will normalize the ilvl of gear, keeping the timed complete more in the skill range than the gear range, I still think “timed” is not the only challenge out there when it comes to doing a dungeon.

I’m still interested in the leaderboards aspect of it; let’s face it, I won’t be in a top-US guild for raiding any time soon, and I’m skidoosh on PvP skill.  I know they mentioned leaderboards by guild; I wonder if they would extend it to RealID.  I know that not many of my guildmates (it seems to me) are excited by dungeons for the sake of dungeons.

5) Screw playable Pandaren.  For someone who hasn’t played through WC3 or WC2, and came into WoW as Alliance in end-BC, it feels less integrated into the story, and more plopped in there for the fanboys.  Tolkien’s deus ex machina eagles saving Frodo & Sam at Mount Doom were more plausible than this.

(And, from what I understand of previous lore involving Pandaren, they played more with the Horde than with the Alliance.  WTF.)

6) I do not have to crit-roll a bitch because monks are proper melee-healers.

7) I only collected Pokemon cards for the pretty pictures.  I’ll continue to do the same with my “non-combat” companions.

8) Regarding the stronger demons talent: if Blizzard kills my dog again, that’s fucking it — I’m out.  I want to keep my Bheezhem; just make him …evolve.

9) …


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