Hallow’s End: UR Costume Contest

Last year, Halloween fell on a raid night, so the guild had a costume contest in between bosses.  This year, it’s not on a raid night, so we decided to do it this week instead.

We killed Alysrazor (almost forgot to do loot!), which was actually a bunch of running around talking about raiding naked and discussing the stupid Dev Q&A questions that were being asked.  Also there was a mention of not giving Mindy assist since last night she accidentally kicked one of our rogues from the raid during Heroic Alysrazor, which was hilarious in a good way.  Several jokes were made about the differences between snooze-mode Alysrazor and heroic Alysrazor.

Then we moved on to go kill Domo, except as we pulled the Unstable Magma trash in front of Baleroc (that still, for some reason, spawns even after you’ve killed Baleroc), someone tripped the bridge cinematic, and several of our healers got stuck in the cinematic!  Fortunately, only Amowrath died.  (Poor Amo!)

We killed Domo after we had a derp pull of Domo.  Derp pull = “Whoops, too many people ran out on Seeds, so he flipped Scorpion-Cat-Scorpion real fast, and now he hits like a truck, and we still have half his health to go.”  We actually survived a while; we got a 2nd Orb phase, which was 4 Orbs, and we would have survived it had we enough people left alive to switch him to Scorpion.   We’d stacked up, but he stayed in Cat, meaning we didn’t have enough people ALIVE to switch him to Scorpion.

After Domo was dead, we used his stage area as the costume contest stage.  As always, click for a larger picture.

The raid + Sexiest Lineup

The first category — as our guild master-raid leader Ranico put it, “Let’s just get the obvious one out of the way,” — was Sexiest.  Several people got into several categories, as it was all in fun anyway.  Maerdred won Sexiest as a gentleman with a romantic picnic and a sheep.  (The sheep is an old joke from last year.)  Though, I did like Aesa’s costume — I think it was supposed to be a mummy.  I thought that was well-done.

Scariest was next, and, well, required some imagination for some people.  Juvenate said he was scary because the druid tier is ugly.  Lissanna was a snowman, and when asked why snowmen were scary, someone interjected, “Well, winter is coming, and we all know that’s bad.”

Amo ...and Amo in Drag!

Beefbus and Amowrath had an entertaining set of costumes.  Beef was Amo, and Amowrath was himself in drag.  Ranico tallied the votes and said, “Oddly, Amo, people are more scared of you, than they are of you in drag.”  Beef won Scariest as Amo.

Animals, all of 'em!

Cutest was the next category, and originally, no one leapt up on stage.  After some prodding, we got an entirely animal-themed stage.  Juv as a snazzy blood elf dancer counts as an “animal,” yeah?  Liss got a turkey on biscuits to go with her boom-turkey self.

Last was Most Original, and I leapt up on stage immediately, as this was the only category I figured I fit into.  I was originally the only one up there, and again, after prodding, the stage filled itself as I was about to win by default.  So Ranico said, “Okay, if Pon gets more than half the votes, that is, 13 or more, then she wins.”

Most Original Lineup

The ready check poll went out, and “Pon got 19 votes, so she wins.”

Don't you dare close your eyes!

I went as Aladdin this year; last year I simply wore tier 8 to go as Putress.

Due to being able to mount in Firelands all the way up to Rag’s hallway, I had my “Genie” and carpet with me.  Compare: Dressing Room crop vs. the Google-searched reference picture.

It’s a simple set (just 3 pieces!), though the pants are hard to find.  The pants are either a rare BoE or from some low level quests; I used Unbound Leggings (“quests”).  The chest is the Runecloth Tunic and the belt is the Deathsilk Belt, both of which are tailor-made items.  I recut my toon’s hair to a black waved bob to Aladdin’s hair style.

Sadly, I couldn’t find a genie-lamp offhand; just lots of lamp offhands.  I also couldn’t find a red hat that didn’t totally cut out the hair.

The “Genie” is my voidwalker, Ormmon, and the carpet is, of course, the tailor-made and tailor-usable Magnificent Flying Carpet, one of my favorite mounts.  I figured I’d use “the Seeker” as a title, since I was looking for a Cave of Wonders at the time.

I also pulled out the Green Wing Macaw in raid as Iago, but he mostly hung out in the threads of the carpet, so my guild probably never saw it.

Our last “category” is the winners of the categories and a poll for the ultimate winner.  I personally voted for Maer, because his costume (this year and last year’s) always makes me giggle ridiculously, but apparently I won by a slim margin.  So I got a 26-slot bag for my reward.

Then we moved on to kill Rag after our break.  After a few attempts (even with some newbs in the fight!), we killed him on 25 for the 2nd time, earning some people their kill achievement.  But we also managed to get the Ragnar-O’s achievement as well; we know it’s something with the lava waves and meteors, but it was totally by accident.

Accidental Achievement, LOL

That’s Undying Resolution for you.  (We’re looking for a resto shammy and a few caster deeps, if you want to join in the silly.)

Hallow’s End: UR Costume Contest

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