The Last Week

*agony* re: Attendance Boss

37 Essences to go.  The minimum 25man drop # is 7.  That’s 5.28 bosses.

For a 25man, killing the 6 bosses from whom you can siphon off essences,plus the Rag kill on 10 or 25, will guarantee Dragonwrath for me.

Go figure it’s US Thanksgiving next week.


Fucking agony.

Now…the question is, what to wear?  (It’s important.)  Here’s your choices.

Classy or Goofy?

Black Embersilk Gown or Super Simian Sphere?

The Last Week

3 thoughts on “The Last Week

  1. Skarnu says:

    Agreed, go with classy. Anyway, maybe we can at least hit up 10-man next week if we don’t have the numbers… that will still get you the staff (more than likely) before 4.3.


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