My 4.3 Affliction Gear Wishlist

Because I’m tired of trying to figure out how to style a one-size-fits-all gear list for warlocks.

& Last tier, UR did a forum thread of “what drops do you need, including VP,” and organizing my VP order actually helps.

Your mileage may vary, of course.  I’m not including heroic gear yet, but I have it laid out on my notes for later.  It goes in order.  I have mostly 378 gear, but with Dragonwrath.  My offspec will be demonology (hopefully), so I’ll figure that list out later once it looks like my mainspec is nearly finished gearing.

Totally Getting From VP | It’s either BiS or close enough without heroic modes

1250 Opal of the Secret Order (neck)

1250 Seal of the Grand Architect (finger)

1650 Kavan’s Forsaken Treads (feet)

1250 Nanoprecise Cape (back)

700 Hungermouth Wand (wand)

VP I’m Hopefully Replacing Later | Upgrade over tier (but want tier to match bonus) or it’s a 2nd-preferred piece

2200 Hood of Hidden Flesh | want: t13 / Conqueror token, Blackhorn (#6)

2200 Robes of Searing Shadow | want: t13 / Conqueror token, Ultraxion (#5)

1250 Chronoboost Bracers | want: Bracers of Unconquered Power, crafted (pattern)

1650 Tentacular Belt | want: Cord of the Slain Champion, Zon’ozz (#3)

1650 Clockwinder’s Immaculate Gloves | want: t13 / Conqueror token, Zon’ozz (#3)

1650 Bottled Wishes | want: anything but this (Cunning > Will > ICM >> BW)

Non-tier Raid Drops | Italics mark things that are technically upgrades, but I will probably pass/offspec due to other upgrades that will be achieved earlier.  I’m listing the normal mode drops for progression purposes.

Zone Boss Drop | Infinite Loop (finger), Cunning of the Cruel (trinket)

Morchok | Mosswrought Shoulderguards (shoulders)

Yor’sahj | Insignia of the Corrupted Mind (trinket), t13 Legs token

Zon’ozz | Cord of the Slain Champion (waist), t13 Hands token, Finger of Zon’ozz (wand)

Hagara | t13 Shoulders token, Ring of the Riven (finger)

Ultraxion | t13 Chest token

Blackhorn | t13 Head token, Janglespur Jackboots (feet)

Spine of Deathwing | Will of Unbinding (trinket), Gloves of Liquid Smoke (hands)

Madness of Deathwing | …

If You Don’t Have Dragonwrath | …here’s the weapon choices.

Main Hands | Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind (Madness)
>> 5mans — Fanged Tentacle (Benedictus, Hour of Twilight)

Off Hands | …
>> 5mans — Orb of the First Satyrs (Peroth’arn, Well of Eternity)

Two-Hands | Ti’tahk, Steps of Time (Madness)
>> 5mans — Stalk of Corruption (Benedictus, Hour of Twilight), Jaina’s Staff (Jaina, End Time)

My 4.3 Affliction Gear Wishlist

One thought on “My 4.3 Affliction Gear Wishlist

  1. Great list Poneria! Sadly I have very little Firelands (i378) raid gear. (Only the “Friendly” rep back and VP wand). This gives me something at least to look forward to…

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