Honor, Justice, and Custom Searches

I like the PvP sets for my warlock.  In fact, both of my mogging sets are full PvP sets.  But my PvP gearset is so last season (almost so last 2 seasons) and my offspec is currently in PvE demo.  So I have to resort to the Justice Point grind and convert later.

Where Do I Go?

Honor (HP) and Justice Points (JP) are a bidirectional conversion; i.e., you can trade Honor for Justice and Justice for Honor.  So, whether your particular mogging set is bought in Honor or in Justice Points, you can do your preferred activity (PvE or PvP) to grind your way to a set.

Conquest and Valor, on the other hand, are only unidirectional; i.e., you can only trade Valor for Conquest Points, but never Conquest for Valor.  Valor & Conquest are also limited by their weekly maximum earnings: converting valor to conquest doesn’t magically allow you to grind out more valor.

When you want to convert, you go to the vendor of what you have to get what you want.

To get JP, you go to the Honor Vendor.  For the Alliance, go see Talric Forthright, who is standing in the west corner of the Justice/Valor vendor area.  For the Horde, go see Togar.

To get HP, you go to the Justice Vendor.  For the Alliance, go see Edlan Halsing, who is standing on the left in the back of the Honor/Conquest vendor area.  For the Horde, go see Rogoc.

How Much Do I Need?

You can trade 375 of one currency for 250 of the other.  While this is an effective 3:2 ratio, you can only buy in packs of 375 for packs of 250.  So calculating a straight 3:2 conversion can leave you standing at the vendor one pack short.

The formula you want goes like so:  (let’s assume I’m converting Justice to Honor)

  • You will only get 250 Honor at a time.  So divide the Honor you need by 250 and round up.  You want to round up because rounding down will net you less than your desired amount.
  • However many times you will need to trade for Honor is how many times you’ll need to have 375 JP.  So take the number you got and multiply by 375.
  • This is now the number of JP you need to buy at least (probably more than) all the Honor you’ll need.

This is napkin-math, but many mogging sets means many napkins.  Isn’t there a faster or easier way to do this?

Normally, I do my quickie math in my address/search bar (default Google search) in my Chrome browser.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t really see how to do a ceiling function (aka rounding up) in Google’s search bar — it really only does square roots (“sqrt()”) when it comes to more than 4-function math.

So I turned to my other favorite browser calculator: Wolfram Alpha (WA).  WA can do way more than math, but math is what I particularly turn to it as.  Why?  Wolfram Alpha is the maker of Mathematica, the (IMO) badass math & programming software.  I knew WA could do a ceiling function, but I wondered if I could put it in a custom search in my browser’s search bar.

What’s a Custom Search?

I’m not terribly sure about how other browsers do it, but I’d assume a similar process.  I use Google Chrome as my main browser, so I’m going to write the instructions as such.  If anyone has any short instructions for other browsers that they want to add, put them in the comments. 🙂

Normally you open your browser up to Google and there’s the regular search bar on the Google page.  With Google Chrome — and, Firefox, last I checked — you can search straight from the address bar, so long as your browser has a list of search engines to go off of.  In Chrome, you can quickly see this list by right-clicking on your address bar and selecting the “Edit search engines…” option.

The longer way is clicking on the Wrench button, selecting Options (towards the bottom of the menu), staying on the Basics tab, go down to the Search area, and clicking the “Manage search engines…” button.

The default search engines are what your browser uses when you’re typing things to search in your address bar.  Then it’ll use the other search engines.  I have a ton of search engines, but I also have, in the middle column, either a word or clumps of 2-5 letters.  These are my keywords that I can use to pick a particular search engine.  (Keywords do not have to be literal, dictionary-defined “words.”)

For example, when I want to find out things about an item’s stats or whereabouts in-game, I often go to Wowhead.  In my address bar, I type “wh” and hit space to activate the custom search.  I then type in whatever I need, and either I hit enter to start the search or Chrome beats me to it by listing off what it found in a dropdown menu.

You can do this with just about any search engine.  You can see I have ones for wikis, the (US) WoW Armory, Wowhead (& the PTR Wowhead), dictionaries, the weather (I enter my zip code), YouTube, … and now I have one that does a bit of math for me.

Hint: The Armory has a shortcode now.  If you are looking for a specific player on a specific realm, you can type “PlayerName @ Realm” into the search box and it’ll automatically pick out that player’s page.

Honor to Justice, Wolfram!

So, I had my formula all set to go.  Ceiling(H/250)*375 = J.  When using a search engine, don’t ask questions; instead, give it the format of the answer you want.  The answer I want is J, the Justice Points I need to convert to get all the Honor I want.  J is equal to that formula.  So I’m going to input the formula into Wolfram.

Let’s say I need 695 Honor…

Well, that’s cool, I need 1125 Justice Points!  Awesome!

But look up at the address bar.  The URL is the formula.  The %5B is URL-speak for “[“, the %2F is the “/”, and the %5D is the “]”.  So we have our formula right there in the address bar.  I just need to put in the one variable I have every time.

For a custom search engine, you put “%s” wherever the search engine likes the query to go in its search code.  So we’re going to put that %s where our needed Honor amount went (695).  Copy the URL.  Open your custom search engines again, and fill in the boxes: name it something (“HP to JP Conversion”), think of a keyword (“hpjp”), and paste the URL into the URL box.

The custom search URL: http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=ceiling%5B%s%2F250%5D*375

Now test it!  I think I want to see what 3500 Honor costs…

And There You Go

That’s Honor Points < — > Justice Points conversion in the same difficulty as the LFR.  (Ouch!)

Honor, Justice, and Custom Searches

One thought on “Honor, Justice, and Custom Searches

  1. I usually use the windows calculator and divide by 250, round up to a whole number, then times it by 375.

    So 1650 divided by 250 = 6.6, round up to seven and multiply by 350 2450 points needed. Not as elegant but it works for me 🙂

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