Bright Voidwalker

It’s Bright Voidwalker because the Dark Voidwalker is Dark. Duh.

This time, the cloaks have a bit of a choice depending on your design favorites. I still love Wispcloak; I think the top fits the best, appearing to blend into the cloth set, and retains its own flavor without being too distinct from the Voidheart’s colors and design. But Bishop’s Cloak is a close second.

Battle Chain Cloak is a blue version of Netherfury Cape, but unfortunately it’s a white/common vendor item.  Winterwater Cloak is the only copy I can find of Battle Chain Cloak.  I think the deep blue works better with Voidheart than the purple,but I’ve included both.

Gallery | Click for bigger pictures

Set Pieces & Sources

Voidheart Crown Prince Malchezzar Karazhan
Voidheart Mantle High King Maulgar Gruul’s Lair
Auchenai Death Shroud
Azureborne Cloak
Bishop’s Cloak
Netherfury Cape (purple)
Winterwater Cloak (blue)
Draga (N or H)
130 JP
Warp Splinter
415 Tailoring
Auchenai Crypts
Grim Batol (N or H)
G’eras, Shattrath
The Botanica
Voidheart Robe Magtheridon Magtheridon’s Lair
Voidheart Gloves The Curator Karazhan
Malefic Girdle Illhoof Karazhan
Frostwoven Boots crafted 375 Tailoring

Item-Gathering Costs

You will need access to & killing potential of Karazhan, Gruul’s Lair, and Magtheridon’s Lair. You can turn the set tokens (X of the Fallen Hero) in to Arodis Sunblade (Scryers) or Asuur (Aldor) in their respective faction areas of Shattrath.

A tailor can make the boots with 20 Frostweave Cloth (made into 4 Bolts) & 1 Eternium Thread.

Non-dungeon, non-quest Cloaks:

  • Wispcloak: The tailor needs to have completed Northrend Dungeonmaster to learn the Wispcloak recipe.  The mats are 5 Bolts of Imbued Frostweave (50 Frostweave Cloth + 10 Infinite Dust), 6 Eternal Life, 4 Eternal Water, 1 Siren’s Tear, 1 Frozen Orb.
  • Bishop’s Cloak: 130 JP = 375 Honor.
Bright Voidwalker

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