Second Warlock

I have two druids.  I’ve had two druids for quite some time.  Amadruada used to be cat with the intention of tree at endgame when she leveled, then she became bear/tree at 80, and when I moved to Elune, I rolled another druid in Cataclysm so I could have a feral druid and a caster druid without having to keep up with the drastically different gearsets.  Except, I still keep two different gearsets for each druid, though my moonkin/tree one overlaps more than my feral sets (I’m anal-retentive about my reforging).

But I’ve not had a second warlock.  I’ve tried to have a second warlock; I remember reading about Keeva’s six, seven, eight bazillion druids.  But every time I rolled another warlock, I’d get excited about things I’d be doing later at cap level, so why don’t I just go log onto my maxed out warlock?

Our guild is only a few race/class combos short of the 8th guild bank tab.  (Half of the combos are mage.  LOL)  One of the missing was a dwarf warlock.  An officer –who has five bazillion alts himself — asked me if I’d be willing & able to level up a dwarf warlock, since I’m a bit of a beast at leveling alts (relative to my guildmates, at least).

So that’s what I’m doing.  Chobole (χοβολη — “ember” / χοβολεις — “embers”) was intended to be a destro warlock.  And I kept him destruction.  Until level 32 or something.

I wanted to know if affliction leveling had changed since I last leveled an affliction warlock.  That was back in the last year of Burning Crusade.  Quite a while ago.


Same old fun. It was like finding an old friend, cliche as that is.  I don’t have all of my bar set up yet, but everything was just instantly and thoroughly familiar.

This switch happened around the time I was getting annoyed by the Blood Pact column not reading beyond the skin of sims and Cynwise exploring motivations.  It only confirmed things, really.  I love affliction.  So I play affliction and I make it work where other people say it shouldn’t or doesn’t.

I’m contemplating making an affliction warlock leveling guide when Mists comes out.  There’s not much to it now — and, probably, there won’t be much to it in Mists — but I love affliction, so it’s going to happen.  There will be talent discussion for which is better at level 15.  There will be gearing guides later on.  I also figure that instead of the pet PvP or Destro toon I originally intended Chobole to be, he’ll become my just-dinged gear project.  I might even completely delete him and then reroll him exactly the same, just to do the whole leveling process again.

As I try to gear up old alts mid-expansion — that is, after the blues of heroics become forgotten by the general populace — I keep wanting to have a quick ding-to-raid gearlist, or gear progression list, along with some expectation of what DPS to pull with what gear tier.  As a career warlock, I can eyeball stuff on my own, but it’s refreshing on my moonkin or mage or rogue to know that my seemingly low DPS is just fine for my vastly outdated gear.

But I never kept all my heroics stuff on Pon, nor do I really have space to start.

The other thing Chobole might become is a bank alt.  Maybe.  I like the leveling gear list idea better.

Anyway, he’s level 50 with a total /played of just under a day (23 hours, 25 minutes, 34 seconds, if you really want to know).  No, I’m not addicted.  I can stop anytime I want to.  (Don’t want to!)

I am somewhat “cheating” with a couple heirlooms — which is fine by me, because the end goal is getting to 85 (& Honored with the guild) ASAP.  I call it “cheating,” since I normally do no heirlooms and no guild until the 30s-50s when the time between levels starts to lengthen a bit.  I don’t mind heirlooms when I’m out for speed leveling.

A Tip for First-Time Afflocks 

DoTs are for chain-pulling.

Once had a friend level a shadow priest and said that DoT classes are boring to leveling, because you DoT the mob up and then you just sit there as it finally draws its last breath and dies.

If you’re single-pulling mobs as affliction (some elite/tricky pulls excluded), you’re doing it a tad wrong.  Or maybe not “wrong,” persay, just “unfun.”

Really, once you get you full complement of DoTs — Unstable Affliction (10), Corruption (4), Bane of Agony (12) — you’re set to pull multiple mobs at once.  If you want to be safe about it, you can wait until you’re 2/2 Siphon Life (Corruption’s damage heals you), which is level 25 to fill that out.

Actually, my rule is once your pet can comfortably tank the mob for you, you’re set, and that happens right at level one.  During leveling, even the DPS pets will overthreat you, at least for a long while, and you can easily drain-tank it via your pet using Health Funnel.  I’m level 50 and my felhunter still largely holds threat on me.  Of course, once you hit a mob with about 2 shadow bolts + a full 3 DoTs, you’ll earn threat, but the mob should be about dead by then.

Also, Agony when leveling, not Doom.  Stuff hardly lasts long enough for Doom to pop once, let alone all 4 ticks.

This has nothing to do with DoTs. I just wish there were more puzzle quests like this one.

How many mobs can you pull?  Three is my number, though it’s not a full three most of the time.  By the time you start to DoT up the third mob, the first one should be under half health if not already about dead by your pet.  Only every once in a while — due to your pet changing targets prematurely via the AI of the Assist pet function — will you actually have all three mobs trying to kill you.  And even then?  You can drain-tank with Drain Life, or you can have some fun by Fearing one (or two with Howl / Death Coil).

During your leveling, you’ll find your comfort number of pulls, and really, it can vary by mob.  There are some mobs I’ll pull five of and not care; there are some I’d be careful about pulling two.  Some you can DoT up and forget about and your pet will finish them off.  Some you go back to DoT a second time (which gets into great practice for multidotting).

If you’ve played a tank before, you can even get into that mindset again.  Your pet becomes the faithful DPS, who can be directed to attack a mentally-marked Skull, while you keep threat on (i.e. DoT up) other mobs until your pet is ready.  This is especially true with ranged mobs.

Once you get the hang of chain-pulling without dying, you become aware of pats and order of clearing, which becomes at least somewhat useful later in dungeons when dungeons are moderately difficult for you.  It also becomes gloriously useful in efficient dailies, when you can path out the most efficient kill + loot path for you.  Later on, you can apply it to multidotting in raiding, even if Blizz wants to kill multidotting in Mists.

You’re a clothy — a tad fragile when mobs get up in your grill.  You’re a DPS, though, as affliction, you have a fair bit of self-healing behind you.  Sure, you can be careful and pull mobs one by one, carefully DPSing them down by the EJ Book, and that’ll do you good.  But that’s the unfun way.

Remember, you wield the forces of Fel and Shadow.

Live a little, c’monnnnn.

Second Warlock

2 thoughts on “Second Warlock

  1. Ive only leveled mostly Demonology myself. This sounds like alot of fun.

    If you need a toon rolled let me know depending I can probably make it in my offtime.

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