Two Years, Still Blabbing

I started this blog technically something like Christmas or a few days before.  But as Christmas is Christmas and the New Year ends up being the New Year, I just figured I’d wait.  Last year I did a post about WoW blogging as an introspective thing.

Stuff in 2011

In JanuaryGo Fish was a guide I wrote to help my guildmates through an undesirable activity to get a necessary achievement.  Others also ended up finding it useful.  By the way, my guild recently passed 25k pools fished.  🙂

February was 4.0.6 Affliction Spec Discussion.  I think this is the “most comments” post, but I also loved it for people who commented just to say they found it useful or from others saying they thought differently.  I like being useful.

Apparently I didn’t write anything in March.  Slacker.

April was spent on achievements.  Particularly Professor Ponerya.  Mmm, alliteration.

Most people remember May as the Project 5×2 thing.  But I still have some of these drafts hanging around.  I’m specifically still having a hard time with “What is Affliction?” without butchering it, and I have numerous rants about sims lying around here.

Life on the blog was pretty boring (little & boring posting) until September.  I got to be on the Twisted Nether Blogcast as a quick-we-need-a-guest substitute.  It was still fun, regardless.  I think the best part for me was telling my guild about it literally days before it happened, expecting not many to show up, and then having almost a UR 10man in the TNB chat room at start time.  That meant a lot to me.

October was fun.  On the Halloween side of things was our guild’s costume contest.  I still had screenshots from the previous year’s contest in ICC.  I remember we broke up the wings with the categories, so it provided a nice buffer in between farming and sweat in raid.  This year we just used Domo’s stage.  You bet I took many more screenshots this year.

The other fun October post was the new Mists of Pandaria talents being released through Blizzcon.  I wrote on them, of course, in my typical novel-size fashion.  I was excited about the talents.  I’m still excited about the talents.  I have thoughts rolling around in there abut which ones I’d use now and which I might use later.

November.  My guild & I finished Dragonwrath on Dragon Soul’s Eve.  I also finally wrote down my favorite raid food, and, of course, I don’t need it anymore because I finally remember every time which temperature to put the oven at.

December, I started showing off my transmogrification sets.  I also acquired a few sets as a gift in the Furtive Father Winter blogging event.  In return, I went caroling.  I’ve also started a second warlock, which guildmates find weird, for some reason.  Two druids is okay, but two warlocks is weird?


The posts that get the most attention are gear-related or talent specs or Power Auras.  People really want Dark Intent Power Auras, but I have no clue why.  But these are things you can find almost anywhere, and you bet your bum people got here from Google searching and not because they really want to read the stuff I write.

Heck, people are still visiting my outdated just dinged 85 gear list.  It’s all heroics & reputation gear!  Though, I guess, for the first few hours of being 85, it’s still a tad useful.

The posts I still love fall into certain categories.  They would probably tell me more about how to go about the blog than a commenter would.

There’s the blogging events — secret santa trades and Noblegarden egg hunts — which are always fun to do.  Even the blog posts, when you’re faced with a blog you’re never seen before and you’re asked to do a guest post for it?  A bit terrifying when it’s December 23 and you still can’t think of a topic yet, but it was still a lot of fun to craft a post that was uniquely me.  And hide the egg in a  spot where you’d expect me to hide one.  Then go hunting for others’ eggs!

Elder Poneria is a post from 2010 that I still love.  I always forget about the log flume, and always cheer myself up when I go back to ride it just one more time at four in the morning.  As for the screenshots, I still have all those that are in there, and I’ve acquired many more.  Screenshots are almost a side WoW hobby of mine.  I use a lot (especially from others) as desktop backgrounds.  But really, I just take them all the time in-game, whether manually or automatically, and it’s a fun thing for me to go back at the end of every tier to review my screenshots folder.  I even celebrated the Firelands tier (in which I also received an orange stick) on this blog.

Damage Dealing is What I Love is a post that I keep finding myself coming back to.  Particularly that almost “fuck you, I like my role” at the end.  I’m feeling frustrated about sharing my favorite toon to play in WoW.  Not because I don’t love it, but because it seems the rest of the WoW world will only take the advice of impersonal data like sims or RaidBots graphs when it comes to what’s a fun spec to play.

I hate all the doomsayers out there about warlocks and our three specs.

You’re the least-played class!  So?  Don’t need to be popular to love what I’m playing.

The rotation is too clunky, thus this spec is bad!  You’ve been playing it for all of thirty minutes at a training dummy and three instances.  I’ve leveled, quested, dungeoned, raided, PvPed, soloed, duoed, trioed with mine over almost 4 years.

The DPS of this spec isn’t #1!  Sweetcheeks, I just recently ascended to the number one spot on the meters for the second time in my raiding career — the last was in Wrath’s Naxx — and it was a brief visit to that spot.  That doesn’t stop me from still playing the spec.  What stops me is when I am incapable of pulling my weight through utility or what have you, and even then, I’m a stubborn ass about making my spec work.

What I keep seeing is people on the top talk about how things are at the top, and it gets used to judge things further down the endgame totem pole.  While the people at the top aren’t wrong, it’s wrong to misjudge things further down.  Be Demo on Ultraxion or GTFO?  Oh bullshit.

Play how you want.  Make it work.  Fun is almost guaranteed by that point.

Going Forward

I do want to continue doing gear lists.  Particularly in the vein of the newcomer to warlockery.  Raiders probably have their upgrade lists every tier, but those alts or new warlocks might not be as  well-versed.  (Though, it’s easy to do, I’d say.)  It’s nothing much when we all just hit 90, but halfway through the expansion, it might make a few people’s lives easier to have a gear-up path to take from cap to 3rd raiding tier.

I also want to see how the Mists challenges work out.  The Challenge runs are timer runs (it seems) of dungeons, and they’ve said they will normalize the gear.  I went on the 4.3 PTRs to see the new content with my guild, sure, but I also wanted to see the normalization they did on the PTR.

I was not a fan of how they implemented that.  Bringing down my more obvious DPS stats like spell power and haste made sense, but it also butchered my carefully-balanced hit rating.  Not that you need 17% in a heroic 5man anyway (you only need 6%), but I would like to be able to somewhat balance my gear for the challenges.

Oh yes, I want to do the PvE Challenges (& Scenarios!) when they come out.  However, I’m going to be cranky if they end up being the PvE version of Arenas, which are more dependent on composition than actual skill.

I do want to do guides, specifically of the affliction variety.  I keep stopping myself because there’s that chance I won’t be right and all the trolls will come out to tell me the obvious.  I don’t live in the theorycrafting world (but I watch), but I have been around the block a few times.

But I guess more importantly I keep wanting to share things I find fun.  I also need to break free of this “is this socially cool” funk I’m in.  I feel like being angry about it will probably break me free, but not in a good way.  I need to just share the things I like sharing and forget about what the theorycrafters or general populace say.

So there, that’s my New Year’s Resolution for this blog.  To stop worrying about what other people might think and just write what I want to write about the topic.

(Notice I had the same resolution last year.  Failsauce.)

Two Years, Still Blabbing

One thought on “Two Years, Still Blabbing

  1. Happy second blogaversary! I think your ny resolutions sound very reasonable. Sharing what you find fun is what blogging is for after all!

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