15 Levels to Go

What.  No, I’m not addicted.  No, I swear.

Okay.  Maybe a little.  Teeny bit.

It’s affliction! :3

Whatever.  I have Haunt now (level 69 talent), which means I can actually use Fel Armor because I get enough healing back to not totally almost-die half the time.  And I can actually not feel stupid for hitting my 3/Haunt key every time I start putting up DoTs on a mob.

On a sadder note, this time I made Nagrand my one-stop Outland zone to do, and was deeply saddened by the fact that I could solo, at-level, one-shot all the former elites.  With my felhunter.  Mostly not using Drain Life or being in danger of dying.

Bach’lor, Gutripper, Banthar, Tusker, Cho’war, Durn, Gurok.

Gurok didn’t even field-goal-attempt me!

I didn’t fiddle with the jump-o-tron quest (didn’t train flying yet), so I didn’t fight the Windroc Matriarch, but considering Durn went down like a sack of potatoes, I doubt she’d be an issue.

The lack of oh-shit elites while running through Nagrand just makes me sad.  I have fond memories of being terrified while leveling.

But…I did not attempt the Ring at level solo.  My bad.

15 Levels to Go

One thought on “15 Levels to Go

  1. My sisters and I tried the ring. We had a druid tank, a druid healer, and hunter dps. At 65 we expected a hard fight…the final fights the healer gave up and was just seeing how much dps she could get. I remember needing 2-3 70’s to do it so they did geld it some. It made us all incredibly sad.

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