UR Style Kill

So, at around 10% to go, our two tanks were dead, and our RL was launching into the normal wipe speech on Vent while we “wiped” about needing to get better at evading Shockwave.

Except the DPS left on the boat were still going.  And Blackhorn’s health was still dropping.

Our amazing hunter and rising raid lead, Zweibel, was kiting Blackhorn up the stairs.  When Zweibel was finally cut down (oh no!), a new champion arose at the last seconds and carried us to a kill.

Here, let me give you a close-up of that fantastic 26th raid member.

That brings us to 6/8 on 25man, though we’ll have to repeat our kill a bit cleaner than that. 😀 We also had some good progress on Spine 25, getting to the 2nd plate a few times.  But UR-style kills are always fun! 😀

UR Style Kill

10 thoughts on “UR Style Kill

  1. anon says:

    hahaha … Good job mate ,our first kill too was with both tanks dead , but we managed to kill him with me evasion tanking for last 10 sec , (93% dodge chance ftw XD)

  2. Good Elemental. Good Boy!

    He did all the work, honestly. I was throwing heals but mostly spinning in a circle while trying to figure out who was still standing. heh

    ~ Effy

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