Preparing for Max Level

About 5 levels out is when I start looking at the optimal things for max level for my currently leveling character.  “Optimal” for raids, though half my toons are stopped at “good enough” for 5 mans.

80 is also the start of Cataclysm questing content, which is where you are introduced to the factions of reputation and can start leveling while gaining rep.  So the zone progression is important.  My tanking toons go to Vashj’ir for Earthen Ring rep, and everybody goes to Hyjal for at least the front half of the zone for the Molten Front quests.  I do Deepholm every time (love it!) and then Uldum (maybe minus the Jones lines) and Twilight Highlands (for Crucible & the end quests with good 325 items).

80 is when Cataclysm started for everybody a year ago, so you’ll get a few extra cool tools for your spell toolbox, but you should have most of if not all of your spells by this point.  So you now have 5 levels to seriously practice with it.

So at 80, I start looking ahead.  I get the glyphs and talents down so I can hit the ground running.  I have been using spells for whatever the proper priorities I need to be doing, and I start looking ahead to plan my gear.

My second warlock started as a means to an end; the guild bank wants an 8th tab, and one of the race/class combos we need is a dwarf warlock.  Then I figured I could do a brand-new 85 warlock, since I haven’t kept my old questing gear on Pon.

Chobole may be rerolled several times over and I’m fine with that.  For now, he’s my guinea pig to redoing an 85’s gear list to LFR.  I know you can craft the PvP gear and get into LFR easily, but I’m going for the “proper” way of PvE gearing, which, if you want to raid seriously, you’ll need to learn anyway.

Chobole is 78. Whoops, he’s 80 now. Halfway into 81. Questing is so much fun! :3

Time to start gathering the pieces for writing about the 85 warlock.


I’m an affliction warlock first.  Always have been.  I just love it to pieces.  And I want to share it with you as we move into Mists.

If you want to do demonology or destruction, the EJ threads are great places to start.  Jmickey & Zalakwe do an awesome job of keeping the warlock threads up to date.  Just be warned, EJ doesn’t bump threads, so there may be times like between BlizzCon and 4.3 where no new posts on the spec threads cause them to “fall off” the default 1 month thread view.

I have made for myself a list of warlock resources, ranging from blogs to news columns to sim tools.

If you want to do affliction, then maybe I can help.  Or, at least, entertain.

I figure I will start with the talents and glyphs, since those are easiest to think about & correct.  Then maybe I’ll touch gear and gear priorities, since that’s probably next easiest.  Then, the spell toolbox, because, oh boy, I can go for miles on the spells.

I’m not sure if I want to do a learning-rotation spells post or not.  There’s always that hour I spend at the training dummy with someone’s blog & the EJ thread open whenever I have to learn another spec’s buttons.  Likewise, some people have said affliction is hard because of the DoTs, while I think it’s probably the easiest warlock spec to pick up.  The dummy practice period is also when I get my addons mostly sorted our, and I pay attention to what’s proccing for my Power Auras.

So I’m toying with the idea of writing up a personal & general dummy session on affliction.

New Resolution?

I’ve said a lot in the past about things I want to write about but aren’t sure to and end up not doing. One of my personal WoW-related resolutions is to just write about the things I want to write about, because I still have my Self Defeater far too much far too often in my head.

Sleepy Bear Has Nothing To Do With This Post.

Another of the secret resolutions was to add more pictures to my posts, since I have so many in my screenshots folder.  I’ve found I like doing this.  Even when the picture has nothing to do with the post.  Like Sleepy Bear.  I might be going overload on this post, though.

I love questing.  I love affliction.  I love hilariously-executed boss kills that should have been wipes.  So expect more of that to come around, and if it doesn’t, I’d appreciate someone sending me a group invite to go kick Self Defeater ass & collect esteemed loot.

As a starter point, I want at least 10 posts a month.  And yes, the past two years have been spent with single digits per month, if at all, for the most part.  I figure I can start with a baby step rather than something unwieldy or vague.  I can also plan drafts and things for when my depressions & anxieties crop up in a council fight with Self Defeat.

I want to stop being so perfectionist about my writing.  I want to craft brilliant posts like Rades or Cynwise or Vidyala, but it’s not going to happen if I don’t post often.  I wasn’t a great warlock overnight, and my past self needs to realize I lost my writing fu a few years ago when I *shocker* stopped writing.  I need to start whacking the keys.  I need a training dummy session with the keyboard.

So I apologize if the crap starts flowing.  But my goal is first to find a flow and then refine it.

Learning 2 my mostly Prot gear.
Preparing for Max Level

One thought on “Preparing for Max Level

  1. “I need to start whacking the keys. I need a training dummy session with the keyboard.”

    Great comparison, and so true. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of your writing – my DPS main is an affliction warlock and has been affliction for as long as I’ve been playing the game. Good luck with you 10 posts a month goal! If I feel like I’ve been slacking with my writing, I tend to write giant “deadlines” on my calendars around the house to remind me that I’d better have a blog post up by Thursday OR ELSE. Sure, sometimes I miss the deadlines by a day or so, but having those reminders around is still very helpful.

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