Breakfast Topic: Why do I love Affliction?

Inspiration from WoW Insider.

First there’s the DoTs.  Lots of DoTs.  I like spreading them around.

I love multidotting.  I don’t really love multidotting for the damage — though, that’s great, too! — but for the activity you do.  It’s a common complaint of people leveling DoT specs for the first time that stuff takes too long to kill. You cast a DoT and then…you wait for it to die.

Well, if you pull one mob at a time, and you’re sitting around with a full health bar, you pulled too less.  Affliction is almost made for chain pulling.  Spread the love around town!  Affliction warlocks are like delusional, demented care bears.  Haunt Hug Everybody!

I love the fluidity of health and mana on the affliction warlock.  It’s even more so than shadow priests, who just return a tiny AoE bit for damage.  We can burn our health away and then get some back.  We can burn some mana away and then get some back.  My mana bar is my health bar is my mana bar.

It also provides a great tandem with healers for me, and I feel like I respect them a bit more than other damage specs.  Other damage specs are merely being kept alive; I’m being handed more fuel for my resource bar.

I love the Fears.  Especially in battlegrounds, oh man, I love the Fears.  I really don’t care about being an Ironman or being the lead demolisher.  I love being the chaos-bringer, the distracter, the assist in battlegrounds.  There’s nothing more satisfying than running into a horde of Horde and fear-bombing all of them off my FC.

I love the various curses, and will be sad when they all get combined into a few.  It makes sense, game-mechanic-wise, considering I have Exhaustion and Tongues in the same macro anyway, to make them into one Enfeeblement in Mists.  I love putting conditions on people and watching them squirm their way out of it.  It’s just “Not Fun” to watch a curse disappear off in a dispel.

I love using mobs to spread my DoTs.  It’s almost like Warlock Chain Heal.  Almost.  Soulburning a Seed and watching the mobs (or players) pulse in numbers as Corruption is now everywhere is supremely satisfying.  Jinxing one player and seeing the debuff elsewhere makes me smile.  Soulswapping immediately is almost like personal Pong.

I love the felhunter because I believe it fits most with the affliction warlock, roleplay-wise.  The imp shoots fire, the voidwalker protects, the succubus plays off someone’s lust and emotions, the felguard is a demonic brute, but the felhunter is a predator of magic.  They seek it out and they seek to consume it.  They use your own magics against you.

What’s the difference between a shadow priest and an affliction warlock?  Roleplay-wise?  I think shadow priests are focused on the mental self; they have so much Mind things, anyway.  Although faith for the Light (or whatever Light you have) is generally assumed from the heart, the defectors come from the mind, most often anyway.

Affliction, on the other hand, deals with corrupting your soul.  Affliction deals with fear and curses and…afflictions.  What’s an affliction?  What does it mean to afflict someone?  I think of afflictions as eating away at you.  They might start as something not very powerful, and they might not do much damage to you in a single instance, but over time, they wheedle you down until you can’t overcome them.

Afflictions eat you from the inside out.

It’s that satisfaction I get when I die in a boss fight but my DoTs are still going.  Or when I die in a battleground and get a Killing Blow notification while I’m a ghost.  Or when I’m doing Tol Barad dailies and have 5-6 mobs beating on me.  I don’t really care that I’m not dominating now.

I’ll just kill you later.

Affliction to me is playing with your food.  Oh, you’re going to die, there’s no doubt about that.  But I’m going to twist and torture you before I snuff you out with a DoT tick.

Why kill you now when I can have fun now?

You know you’re an affliction warlock at heart when there’s people (or mobs) screaming about you, but it’s an otherwise pleasant day, and you start giggling.  Not laughing — laughing is for destro.  Destruction warlocks also love chaos (it’s why we love them, too), but they end up ruining the view in the process.  Charred Forsaken is just not delectable.  (Okay, Charred Tauren is delicious.)

Your mirth is in proportion to your damage dealing.  Destro locks have great thundering laughter in spurts.  Aff locks giggle endlessly, and sooner or later end up rolling on the floor an hour later about it.  It’s good for the lock’s soul in the end.

There’s an almost childish levity to it.  Giggling, but also the playstyle of affliction.  Demonology feels bulky and RAWR SMASH.  Destruction feels fully loaded and firmly locked on the ground.  Affliction is frolicking among the fears.

I love affliction. 🙂

Breakfast Topic: Why do I love Affliction?

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