Spine 25 Down!

We did 6/8 on Wednesday night, which was fantastic considering we’re fresh off holidays and recruiting, and we haven’t done more than half the instance in one night in a while, I think. We also breeze through Blackhorn now; he’s not nearly as much the wall he was when we were still figuring it out.

And then we had some rough start to tonight’s Spine progression, but we kept it together and killed the jerkface! We even had two Tendons go down in one shot, and the 3rd just didn’t want to give up the last 100k.

That brings us to 7/8 in 25man!

Buff?  Pbbbbbbbbbbbbt.  We don’t need a stinkin’ buff.

And now, off to do things like eat the other half of my dinner and write some things.

P.S. While UR isn’t actively recruiting at the moment, you can still /cheer us on and look at my purdy kill pictures.

Spine 25 Down!

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