After the Raids

This is for Effraeti, who asked for a portrait of my raiding main through an in-game mail.  I decided that instead of a forum PM, I can just do a little fiction on my blog and share multiple screenshots and links.

The outfit is my Shadow Sorceress transmog, which is on my raiding affliction gear.  

I go just about everywhere with my felhunter, Bheezhem.  He’s been my constant companion for years, so I can’t really go anywhere alone without feeling strange or almost naked.

While Pon’s title changes by what I’m currently doing, her “default” title is Poneria the Seeker, as she’s out exploring more often than not.

For land mounts, I love the bounciness of mammoths, though my quick-go-places mounts are smaller so I can dismount through doorways.  The Fossilized Raptor and AQ bug mounts are the closest I can get to small and bouncy.

And the setting?  My favorite happy kick to the soul is the Grizzly Hills log flume.  The roleplay timeline for Pon is after Firelands but before Dragon Soul raiding.

The gryphon touched down at Amberpine Lodge, just a few steps from the blacksmith’s anvil.  The warm embrace of Tarecgosa encircled Poneria, and the gryphon stirred as it felt the warmth rustle through its wings.  It gave a soft goodbye caw as the warlock dismounted and she gave it a goodbye pet through its feathers.

“There’s something different about you, Seeker,” Hierophant Thayreen said.

Poneria turned at the voice; Thayreen had been almost a shell of a person since Vordrassil was cleansed.  She always stood at the edge of Amberpine, gazing at the Hills across the river that flowed from the north.  It was the first time the druid had spoken to Poneria since the furbolgs’ corruption was stopped.

“It’s nice to see you feeling better, Hierophant,” Poneria replied.  The druid smiled and, for a moment, the warmth spread to her eyes, before she returned to gazing across the river.

Poneria called up a simple travel spell, and her Ice Mammoth, Snorri, came bounding out of thin air to meet her.  The mammoth let out a trumpet and reared back on his hind legs as a greeting, and she patted his trunk in a hello.  She whispered another travel spell that put a second saddle on the mammoth, one with two extra seats for friends.

“Up, Bheez,” the warlock commanded her felhunter, holding her arms out to help the felhunter into the left seat.  The felhunter slobbered and butt-wriggled back a few steps.  He took a running leap and jumped into the saddle with footing off the warlock.  He was far too big a felhound to be entirely caught by the human.  He settled into the seat, hanging his antennae out the sides to smell all the smells.

“No protodrake?  Not flying today?” Vana Grey, the gryphonmaster, said.

“Nope,” said Poneria.  “Today we’ll hoof it through the scenery.”  She climbed onto the mammoth and slid herself into the center seat.  “To the logging lake, Snorri!”

The mammoth galloped off, bouncy as ever, up the northeast road towards Grizzlemaw.  They rode under the great tree trunk remains, and turned left when Vordrassil’s Heart was to the right.

Now they’d arrived at the Blue Sky Logging Grounds.  The logging grounds were a sudden and desolate break from the peaceful forest, but the Alliance and Horde had been fighting over the wood supply for years now.  Poneria didn’t plan to stay here long, so she tipped a salute to the Valiance Expedition’s Sergeant Hartsman as the trio continued past the Alliance camp.

Snorri jumped over logs on the ground and headed for the sawmill up the hill.  Poneria smiled at the wooden aqueduct over her head as they passed under it, but this wasn’t the correct aqueduct for her purposes.  The Grand Ice Mammoth forded the river just past the saw mill, and threw off his passengers onto the logs on the water.  Poneria jumped logs over to the left aqueduct while Bheezhem swam around the logs, and Snorri took off for more swimming in the lake.

Poneria smiled; they’d be back later, and Snorri loved swimming sessions while his master was out riding the flume.  She walked up the spiral staircase to the beginning of the aqueduct.  A portly, bald dwarf with a fiery orange beard stood at the top.  He wore the blue and gold lion’s head tabard of Stormwind.

“Ahhhhhahaha, another day of riding, my valiant friend?” he said to the warlock, letting out the laughter that dwarves do.

Poneria grinned at the dwarf.  “Yes, please find me a suitable log, Gordun.”

“Ye haven’t been out here much lately, lass,” the dwarf said, working the pumps to move the logs.

She patted Bheezhem and the felhunter took off in a spectacular belly flop into the aqueduct’s water, sliding down until he disappeared off the edge into the logging grounds’ man-made river.

“Our expedition into the Firelands took a long while.”  The warlock was exhausted from her guild’s battles in Firelands.

It had taken months to beat back Ragnaros’s lieutenants, until finally they’d faced and conquered Ragnaros himself.  Guildmates came and guildmates went, not least of all one of Poneria’s solid friends in the dark arts.  That warlock had had enough of the expedition life, she thought.  She didn’t know exactly, for he had just not come to battle one day.

Alongside the fight for the druids of Hyjal, Poneria had been chosen to help the Blue Dragonflight pick a good leader to take Malygos’s place.  While her heart was in it completely to help out, it was long and hard to keep her own morale up to see Tarecgosa’s life to the end, or not-quite-end as it turned out.  Poneria nearly broke at the last steps of binding Tarecgosa to her.

Now, though she was fearful of letting it show, she sometimes leaned back on the dragon’s strength.  She wanted to be prepared for the new battles at the Future Wyrmrest Temple, but she wasn’t quite sure how much of her prowess was hers alone.

She was almost more afraid now than before.

The log flume rides were one of the ways she could find her morale in times of tough battles.

“Here’s one now!”  The dwarf worked some controls at the pumps to pick a log up from the lake using a no doubt gnome invented claw, and dropped the log lengthwise into the aqueduct’s channel.  The warlock climbed on, straddled the log, and grabbed at a cut limb’s stump to secure her seat.

She could still spot Bheezhem’s tail and antennae as he disappeared over the rocks into the river proper.  She didn’t worry; she’d still beat him down to the southern face of Grizzly Hills via the log flume.

“See ye in a wee bit!” the dwarf shouted as the warlock took off down the river on her log.

The log fell her face-first into the man-made lake, and she came up while leaning the log to the right to turn for the river.  The log flew through the water with gaining speed and launched off the tall waterfall at the end of the logging grounds.

The log fully almost submerged but buoyantly bounced up to the surface again.  She leaned again, this time to the left, and guided the log off the other tall waterfall on the river.

This time the log fully submerged, and Poneria looked up as she always did on this part to see the bubbles float up above her head.  The log zoomed back up in a slight leap out of the water before passing under a wooden log-panel bridge.  To the left was the road to Amberpine Lodge; to the right, the road to Granite Springs.  The bridge behind her, she passed a couple fishing bears on either side and went over another rocky waterfall.

She leaned left, a big jump, right, left, right, left, right through the land rapids, among more bears that were fishing in the river.  One bear smacked at a leaping fish as the log flew through the air off a rapids launch.  Another bear was chasing a certain felhunter down the left side of the rapids, a pearly salmon wriggling in the felhound’s firm jaws.  Poneria laughed out loud at the sight.  The felhound made his almost-caught escape over the left side of the rocky waterfall just as his master crested the right side into the Blackriver Logging Camp.

She skirted the Horde and went around the right side of the camp, beside the sawmill and ducking under a load of logs that dangled over the rived.  A glance to the left and she caught two antennae winding slowly around to the left side of the mill island.  She chuckled and sped on down.  Alliance and Horde were fighting on both sides of the river and even on the islands.  A duty bristled at her, but the ride wasn’t done yet.

She rode under the tree trunk bridge, where the road led to the Horde’s Conquest Hold on the right and Voldrune on the left.  Though she avoided the Horde outposts alone, the tree bridge was a great place to go when she needed to think.  She’d sit in one of the notches on the side and listen to the water rushing below her.  The birds were chirping here, and the river drowned out the sounds of fighting.  She could be at peace amid the chaos for a while.

The log crested another waterfall, and floated down the river towards the final waterfall.  It gained speed off the falls, but the river was widening into the Frozen Sea now, and the current was slowing down.  The river curved smoothly to the left and she landed the log onto the shore of Venture Bay.

The elite horsemen of the Westfall Brigade saluted her at their watch over the Alliance’s stand at the Bay.  As she squeezed water out of her robe, one walked his horse up to her.

“Sarge’s been wondering when ye’d show,” he said to her.  Sergeant Downey was in charge of  the expedition on the island while Commander Howser tood for the Alliance at the Bay proper.  The horseman looked around and said, “Where’s yer pup at?”

“Oh, I’m not sure,” Poneria looked back up the river and shook the water out of her hair.  “About the tree bridge, maybe?”

“Och, ‘e di’n’t ride with ye?”

“Nope, he wanted to fish, and stole a bear’s catch.”  The warlock giggled with the horsemen.  “When he floats down, send him to me in the Bay, will you?”

“Aye, lass.”  The horseman saluted her again as she headed to the central part of the island where honor and duty began.

When he saw Poneria approach, the sergeant turned to her in half-surprise and said, “You’re stopping in between runs?!”

“Gotta find a felpuppy first before I go back up for another ride,” the warlock replied, grinning.  “In the meantime, I can knock a couple of orcs about.”

“Aye, you can do that.  Let’s start with ten.  Your pup oughta be back by then.”

After the Raids

8 thoughts on “After the Raids

  1. Aralosseien says:

    I really enjoyed reading this 🙂 great story and a lovely way to introduce your character to someone.

  2. Jesus, it’s such a shock to me that you don’t RP.. You DEFINITELY have the “writing soul” (as it were) of an RPer. Amazingly well written. Awesome stuff!

  3. Pon, Love it! I agree, I cannot believe you do not do more of such writing!

    I also enjoy the RP’ing thing, but am not so good at on the fly interactions with people who may not follow the line of dialogue I expect. I suppose I am too much of a control freak. So I will stick to writing my own stories that go the way I want/expect. 🙂

    Thank you so much for the perfect reply! ❤

    ~ Effy

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