Charms: Warlock Soloing Regular Throne of the Tides

After a guildmate commented about the drop rate for the Unstable Corruptions and Lovely Charms, half my guild was out trying this yesterday. He did mention the minor note of in order to get to the hallway, you need to solo (or duo) the first boss at least as well as her trash.  This guildmate, a hunter, managed to do it, so I was intrigued when our shadow priest could not solo it.

I mean, isn’t that the best non-warlock analogy for an affliction warlock?  A shadow priest-hunter?

That, and I poked at Glow to see if he’d done the place solo yet or not.  On my 380-ilvl bear, the ICC 5man heroics are now pretty solid to do; Halls of Reflection’s Lich King gauntlet still requires me to pay attention to down it.  I figured the next challenge might be Wrath raids with a partner, but I don’t have one of those, so Cata regulars are next.  I usually do solo attempts on my bear first, but with mogging, I might expand it to my other alts, especially my warlock.

If you click on the pictures, I swear they’re not that crappy a quality (still crappy, though).

So, here we go, Throne of the Tides on regular for a warlock.


  • Spec: Originally, I did it in my raiding spec, though I very nearly died to the first boss due to lack of planning and relative squishiness.  Then I reset the instance and did it in my PvP spec, which, along with mental pre-planning of execution, went a lot better.
  • Gear: I used my raid gear, which is a whopping 397 average.  Well, whopping for soloing, anyway.  I also have Dragonwrath to boot.
  • Buffs: Dark Intent on my felpuppy, Soul Link.  I normally roll with Demon Armor for survivability’s sake.
  • Pet: felpuppy! On passive, mostly.
  • Special Macros: I have my special macros on my Naga for easy access while I’m doing rotation and forward/strafing movement on my left hand.  I put Fear on my Naga and a /petattack macro so I could control my pet with CC around.

Trash Mob Rundown

I was doing an End Time on my bear the other day and I asked the warlock to Fear one of the dragonkin before Murozond.

The mob went screaming off into the distance because the warlock did not glyph her Fear.  /facepalm

Granted, in the Twilight heroics, there’s not much if at all CCing to be done.  Those two dragonkin packs are really about it.  But when there is serious trash, glyphed Fear is amazing.

For CCing in Solo Throne, you get one Fear, and Blizz in their infinite wisdom decided that Fear is the one CC that still pulls, even if glyphed.  So choose wisely.  Here’s my priority order for CCing and killing:

  • Spiritmenders are casters: they mostly heal and sometimes will get a Hex off if you’re not careful.  On regular, the heal doesn’t heal for much of their health bars, so it’s okay if you don’t interrupt a few.
  • Tempest Witches cast chain lightning everywhere, which is annoying and hurts a little bit more than the melee mobs.  But you can interrupt them if you find it annoying.
  • The big guys with the poison puddles just require some side-stepping other than the normal burn.
  • The melee mobs are meleers.  I forget their name, whatever.  They might cast the blue bubble on themselves which doesn’t hurt for much on regular, but you can Devour it off if you want to.
  • The little murloc mobs in the gauntlet are dispatchable with Shadowflame and Rain of Fire.

Use CC as much as you want to; you’ll need to use CC on the boss fight, so I’d practice now.  Watch out for the pat in room before Naz’jar, and go down the gauntlet with as much stopping as you need.  Basically, don’t be stupid or overeager about it and the trash is a breeze.

I also use the markers to keep track of CC’d & focused mobs in all the nameplates I have up.  Sadly, it seems you can’t use the world markers in a solo group.  I could have sworn I’ve used them in a real group before, but maybe it’s just raid markers.

I just marked down the line for CC.

Lady Naz’jar

I started the fight with my felhunter on passive and commanding him to attack Naz’jar as I cast up Haunt.  I used Curse of Weakness on Naz’jar, mostly.  Then I blew my Soulburn and Demon Soul CDs and put the DoTs up on her.  I also tend to switch to Drain Life filler when I have Demon Armor popped.

Naz’jar’s phase where she hits on you requires mostly side-stepping the geyser & the disease pit.  I interrupted the first Shock Blast she cast, but the second one will come off CD before your felhunter’s Spell Lock does.  It hits for a fair amount, but it only matters later in the fight when you’ve lost a bit of health to the adds.

The add phase requires some CC.  She spawns three adds around the room, always two casters (chain lightning) and one melee. It goes easier if you decide in your head which caster side you want to CC.  I Feared the right caster, usually, and commanded my felpuppy to attack the other caster while I popped Corruption up on both non-CCed adds to get Siphon Life rolling.  I then DPS’d down the caster, the melee guy, and then the other caster.  Keep the Feared mob Feared as much as possible.  Set focus if you have to.

Rinse and repeat the add phase a second time and Naz’jar should be dead.  If you have an add up still when Naz’jar becomes active again, focus your pet on the add and keep Corruption up for life.  You can also kite the two mobs; Exhaustion will apply to the adds, but not to Naz’jar.

Commander Ulthok

This guy is killable if you don’t want to squeeze by along the wall. “Hard mode” is doing it in PvP spec; in raid spec, I think I burned him before Fissure hits and Squeeze became an issue.  In PvP spec, though, you’ll need to maybe use Soulshatter onto your pet + Health Funnel to kep yourself up after a few Dark Fissure hits.

If you don’t want to fight him, you can sneak around the sides to get around him.

The Charm Hallway

Once you use the teleport back to the entrance and make your way back to the crossroads before the elevator, the hallway for farming charms is on your left.  You can kill the two big Spawns in the middle, but don’t kill the end Spawns if you want the little elementals to continue spawning.

I mostly ran down the hallway collecting elementals, then once they were all gathered, Shadowflame + Rain of Fire if necessary, and then ran back to the stairs to Life Tap and Soul Harvest.  Once I finished Harvesting, it was about respawn time and I just went back and forth for a while.

The Other Bosses

I have not seriously tried them yet.  I did walk through the trash to go try the Mind Control Octopus, but being an MC boss, I promptly broke it by going in there with my pet.  Plus his fire spell still hurts like hell on me.  Since I hadn’t planned on conquering the whole instance, I just went back to Lovely Charm farming and will save this for a rainy day.

Charms: Warlock Soloing Regular Throne of the Tides

6 thoughts on “Charms: Warlock Soloing Regular Throne of the Tides

    1. Nice write up, I’m feeling inspired now. I was farming HoL for the charms, but this sounds a whole lot more approachable than I was imagining. Wonder how Naz’Jar will go for me… maybe I could root the melee guy and kill the two casters first…. hmm… a little project for when I’m home from work.

  1. That’s really impressive, well done 🙂 I’m horrible at soloing stuff myself.

    Out of curiousity, how many charms do you get from it? (I found an area in Deepholm where I hang out, get around 40-60 charms per 10 minutes or so.) If it’s really good I may just have to learn how to solo 😉

    1. Some guildies were reporting about 100 charms per 10 minutes. I would get 10-15 charms per whole pack of mobs in the corridor. I definitely got 3-4 stacks in 10-15 minutes once I streamlined my gather & attack plan.

      The time frame for each run down the corridor was: run down & collect ll the mobs, Shadowflame everything once, run back to the steps while Life Tapping, Soul Harvest at the top of the steps, wait a beat, do it all again.

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