Six Thingy

Cymre tagged me.

1. Go into your image folder (or screenshot / WoW folder)
2. Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image (or if you’re like some others with one huge folder, try six down and six across)
3. Publish the image! (writing a word or two about it wouldn’t go astray either)
4. Tag six new bloggers and watch them squirm (GL with finding six who haven’t been tagged yet) 😛

So I opened my folder to do it.  3 columns.  Because I use the Extra Large Icons option to tell which screenshot I want to pick out for Paint.NET, my image editor of choice.

Okay, so make the sorting thing smaller to just Large Icons.  The resulting screenshot of six across then six down was of my second warlock doing Tol Barad dailies.  Typical of me?  Warlocks, alts, dailies.  Yep, that’s me.  But a rather boring screenshot — I think Multishot went off when I hit a reputation level with Baradin’s Wardens, so I’m just standing there mounted as I turn in dailies.


But then I realized a good two or three rows were devoted to screenshotting MogIt for a Go Mog Yourself I was working on.  A couple rows of the same screenshot, that’s almost cheating.  So I went down a few more rows.

Oh man.  You guys!  This is a cool story.

So…after clearing Dragon Soul in an entire night with the 5% buff up, on our second night, we go do old raids to finish up old legendaries as a guild.  Some people go for the social fun, some people go for the EP at the end of the night, some people go for the alt opportunities.

Anyway, we did Heroic Lich King 25.  After some Defile derps we finally did it, but we’ve found that it’s possible for our Blood DK GM/RL to “beat” the Lich King.  Spoilers beware, but when you do the final RP wipe, our GM takes it and…survives.

He’s done this twice now.  He has to pop absolutely all his cooldowns to do it and ends up with not much health left (but then Death Strikes everything back up).  But he survives.  We’ve joked that he should finish the fight off (like he would do Al’Akir in tier 11 — seriously!), and he’ll do things like pop Army at this point and whittle at the Lich King’s remaining 6 million health while the RP goes on.

Some guild members think he’s going to break it one day and we won’t be able to resurrect off it…

I tease him about deepsing harder over Vent, since I remember griping about “DPS harder” as being a useless command on previous tier fights.  (Now, I can see the morale side to it.  It’s not totally useless.)

And then, of course, we have jokes about why can’t he solo-finish Madness yet, gawsh. 😀

Tags from me…awww, what the hell, c’mon guildies:

Aesadonna of Derp Kn00b

Amowrath of Light’s Wrath

Lissanna of Restokin

Juvenate of WTS Heals

Malchome of Malchome’s Mind on Gaming

and a non-guildy since Effy‘s been tagged already:

Windsoar of Jaded Alt

Six Thingy

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