Iron Pon

She’s on Durotan (might not be on the Armory yet) because

  1. I ran out of toon space on Elune, and
  2. it doesn’t matter anyway because she can’t be guilded.

I know Ironsally (Tome of the Ancient) beat Psynister & Vrykerion’s original challenge on a warlock, but what about the no-dying one?  I’ll try it for a bit.

For reference, here are the don’t’s:

  1. Zero dying.
  2. No Green/Blue/Purple items.
  3. No talent points, no specialization.
  4. No major primary or secondary professions (other than FA).
  5. No XP-boosts: no heirlooms, no guild, no RAF.
  6. No consumable bonuses.
  7. No enchants.
  8. No groups: no dungeons, BGs, Dungeon Finder, no grouping for quests.
  9. No DKs.
  10. No Glyphs

Things that are okay:

  1. Living.
  2. White/Grey items.
  3. Regular non-specialization training.
  4. First Aid.
  5. …I’ll log out in the open just to be safe about rest XP.  It’s a little bit unavoidable when I’m in the city training.
  6. Rogue Poisons allowed.
Iron Pon

4 thoughts on “Iron Pon

    1. I didn’t random because I following Psynister’s challenge first. Plus, I need to start investing in a warlock army, amirite? =P

  1. Animalfarm says:

    Sooo… its been a month, is Ironpon still alive and well, or have you restarted multiple times?

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