More Mini Updates + LFM

By the time I finished writing my schpiel of a draft about why I didn’t like Mannoroth’s Fury, I stopped myself to check it over for reasoning.  I was using mechanics of AoEs today, completely ignored Fire and Brimstone for Destro, to argue against a MoP mechanic.  Bad, Pon, bad.

So I sat there and re-reasoned it in my head and at the end wasn’t sure if I quite agreed with my original conclusion.  Originally I thought it would suck for Destro since their main AoE (Rain of Fire) is placed in a certain spot, while Aff’s (Seed of Corruption) & Demo’s (Hellfire) are essentially movable with the mobs.  (Seed is on a mob & the Demo warlock can move without interrupting Hellfire).

Now, I had cautions against how OP Fire & Brimstone might be, since it was instant & had no resource cost on the calculator, and how exactly does a non-channeled Rain of Fire (Aftermath) work for balancing the casting?  Does it end up like Seed, where you have an initial cast, and then a beat of a DoT before the first tick happens?  For fel’s sake, Destro was starting to sound OP in AoE.  What?

Not to worry, Kaivax has been posting on the Feb 15 Updates thread, and a post pointed out to me by Sinister Wyvern about how exactly Destro’s rotation is starting to look right now.  Some people are referring to it being a blue-bar rogue, which makes me feel a tad satisfied since I compared the Embers to combo points in the very beginning.  So I wasn’t too far off!

But, there’s new info about Fire and Brimstone, so I can go back to my post & see if I can get a workable opinion out of it. The words “Answer” are the links to the blue posts.

Question: How does Destruction’s Ember system work?

Answer: Basically, you build embers with some spells, and then spend those embers with Soul Fire, Ember Tap, or Fire and Brimstone. 

Internally, this is how it works:

Immolate – DD + DoT on the target
Incinerate – generates 1/10th ember, or 2/10ths if it crits an immolated target.
Fel Flame – generates 1/10th ember, or 2/10ths if it crits an immolated target.
Conflagrate – triggers Backdraft and has a 12 second cooldown.

Soul Fire – consumes one ember instead of mana.
Fire and Brimstone – costs 1 ember and has no cooldown.
Ember Tap – costs 1 embers.

Each full ember costs 0.33% of your maximum health per second. If you stay below 1 ember, you take no damage. 


Question: How does chaotic energy work?
Answer: We are experimenting with a resource-driven, rather than time-limited, caster model on the Destruction warlock. 

In a nutshell, Destruction warlocks are not GCD locked. In fact, chain-casting spells as a Destruction warlock is less important than spending all of your resources. 

Keep in mind this is all subject to change, but here is how Destruction flows at the moment:

• Start of Fight: Full mana bar, Empty Ember bar

1. Immolate the target
2. Conflagrate to trigger emberstorm
3. Incinerate to generate embers
4. Continue until you are low on mana

• Middle of Fight: Empty mana bar, ~2 Embers

1. Soul Fire 
2. Soul Fire
3. Mana bar is mostly full (Soul Fire costs embers, so your mana refills during the Soul Fires)

In addition to increasing your base mana regen, Chaotic Energy increases mana regen even more with Haste. This means the ability to cast spells scales smoothly with gear.

As long as the warlock never lets her mana bar fill up and burn her embers, she’s maximizing damage. This is very different from the standard caster model where priority is placed on casting at all times and ordering spells based on cooldown. 

Our hope is that the Destruction Warlock will attract players who are interested in a playstyle that rewards spending resources at the right time, rather than constantly casting.


Question: How does Destruction’s Mastery work?

Answer: Emberstorm increases the effectiveness of all Ember consuming spells. Soul Fire deals more damage. Fire & Brimstone deals a higher % of the base spell’s damage. Ember Tap heals for more.

LFM Legendary

In other news, Graylo is looking for people to help him with his Dragonwrath.  Sadly, I didn’t do many heroic modes (can learn!), not to mention I’m not Horde, but maybe you are!  Go help him out!  He’s on the second stage, which goes fairly quickly if you have a steady group.  He’d prefer heroic modes since you get more things to drop, and especially if he’s doing it on 10man.

After my guild battled the Attendance Boss all during Firelands and I tried hard to not burn myself out (alt runs give me a new role to think about & keep me less bored, actually), I’m actually really supportive of people finishing Legendaries now.  It was hard enough getting butts in the seats when Firelands was current, so I can only imagine how hard it is when you’re asking for a solid group to go back to old content week after week for months.

UR is actually trying to finish off a Shadowmourne and a Valanyr, both of which were halfway-ish done when we started them up after Dragon Soul.  So I try my best to be there for my guildies for old content.  Not really because I want the loot or I need the achievement points, but because these two guildies were always there for my Dragonwrath building, and I feel like I owe it to them to be there for their legendaries.

So I want to extend that support outside my guild.  Please help Graylo on his Dragonwrath!

More Mini Updates + LFM

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