This weekend’s Firelands 10man with Twitter peeps ended up with me cleaving people on Alysrazor and ruining the Kneel achievement on Staghelm. I suppose no more tipsy bear, then. I feel bad that I ruined people’s stuff because I was unfocused. 😦

Hestiah was awesome enough to let me have Fire Kitteh Staff, though. ❤

Anyway.  LFR adventures, because I always manage to attract the most amazingly bad players to my LFR & LFD groups. After a few not-so-stellar tanks, we finally found a competent one. But, I noticed something odd about the warlock dancing on top of me in between Madness wipes.

My tooltip for him said “destruction” but his felhunter was out. Now, sometimes, the tooltip bugs out because it’s part of the inspect function, and you’ll get silly things like restoration paladins and beast mastery rogues, especially when people are next to each other in the virtual world. So as I expressed my incredularity over Mumble, I interrupted myself and said, “Nah, that’s got to be a UI bug.”

Velidra said, nah, it’s not.




3 thoughts on “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  1. Do not forget the raged Warriors, or the staf equipped ones and the also very rare melee hunters, people sometimes are so lost, and sometimes are just trying to be something they are not. =)

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