Looking for Horde

Sphaira needs a new Horde home. She’s on Eonar currently, which was my old server. I don’t know anybody Horde-side there, nor do I recognize many Alliance guilds there anymore. But some Twitter peeps are for the Horde only, so in order to play with them, I need a Horde toon.

So here is Sphaira. The toon has actually been like my death knight attempts: several incarnations, and this is just the latest & longest. She leveled shadow for the most part, but I’m trying out Atonement Disc in dungeons. Her professions suck because I wasn’t leveling a character to raid on and said “screw you, enchanting,” about halfway up. I figure I will gear her for Disc, and I can quest/daily in my Disc gear as shadow spec fine enough, even though my mastery rating will suck.

Anyway. Sphaira is looking for Horde friends to play with, and even might look for a Horde server to be a casual/social member of.

Weak Auras convert

In other news, I’m quickly becoming a Weak Auras fan. I love using it for tracking self buffs and target debuffs, but also cooldowns. I’m addicted to the progress textures, since I was using IceHUD previously for watching self buffs (Pulverize, etc.), and I’ve converted a few toons over from Power Auras to Weak Auras, even mixing up my UI a bit for some of them. Dynamic groups just make my day when it comes to cooldowns.

I’m particularly a fan of the loading options, where it’ll load by spec if you want. Not only do I not see any of my bear auras when I’m on my shadow priest, I don’t see my discipline ones either! But as soon as I switch to disc, there they are. I like this because I can go rather nuts with the number of auras for things, and I was afraid I’d have to start naming things with the spec everywhere.

The only thing I don’t like is that the spellID option for tracking buffs/debuffs is a high CPU checkbox option. So I might keep Power Auras around for that.

Maybe I’ll even get around to sharing my Weak Auras. Unlike what my languishing Power Aura page. Maybe. <.< >.>

Silly screenshots

I’m having marching band flashbacks as we line up for the lightning phase cross on Heroic Hagara. Marching band: people who make curvy lines when told to do straight and who make straight lines when told to do curvy. Marching band: where you’re supposed to stand exactly halfway in between the people on either side of you for equal intervals. But Blue Team (my team!) was awesome and made a straight line with beautiful intervals every time. Chyeah!

We got some progression this week by managing to get a spectacular cross down the lightning phase and then survived an ice phase. We’re still having trouble on the ice phase with the amount of healing all the ranged inside the bubble, and the focusing of DPS on the ice totems. But we got her to I think 61%?

Then, as I was collecting pieces for my red leather cat transmog set, I realized the boots I wanted were in Trial of the Champion. I could circle-strafe joust the trash champions easily enough, but the named champions are particularly brutal to solo. I’d call it impossible (like Twitter told me). So I grabbed a friend — SinisterWyvern of Celestial Fists — and we jousted them down. At first, they brutally murdered me on my horse, and then when I flew back, just about did it again. So I gave up the horsing and went bear. It took quite a few smashings of my keybind to even get into bear, because the chain-trampling they do is chain-stunning in that embarrassing bear position.

But you can actually taunt the mounted champions, and in between stuns there are glorious catches of being able to get a Thrash or Mangle or cooldown out. My boots didn’t drop, but I’ll gladly take other people there again.

Looking for Horde

4 thoughts on “Looking for Horde

  1. Area 52 (PvE) is an awesome realm, Horde wise. I think there are 85,000+ Horde characters, while the Alliance is kind of dead (basically the opposite of Elune, from what I understand). I believe it has the highest Horde population of any US PvE realm. There are always lots of pick up raids and RBG groups forming, and the economy isn’t too bad, either. Sick Society (I’m an officer) would gladly welcome Sphaira into our ranks as well 🙂 We’re in the middle of assembling a second/alt raid group, and if you keep up the gearing pace you’re on now, I’m sure you could be a part of that as well.

    1. Thanks for the offer. I’ll probably end up going to Drenden since I have various alts with various supplies over there. My Horde toons tend to be more for questing and wandering the world for screenshots while chatting than for group activities. But maybe a Real ID / Battletag thing can happen with Sphaira.

  2. That makes the most sense, and probably saves a lot of legwork, too. Feel free to message me on twitter any time you need Horde people. I’ll never be able to properly play with Pon or Cynwise (because all of my characters are Horde), but it would still be cool to play with an alt!

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