5 things I’m looking forward to in Mists

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You might have Durn’s reaction once you’ve attempted to absorb all the Mists info that exploded on early Monday morning. But here’s five things I’m really looking forward to.

1. Tanking as a gummi bear, aka Glyph of the Chameleon. Yeah, I’m fully aware and okay with how it’s probably going to be just the different skins of my race on the bear, but I giggled at the thought of bright troll-like bears on my nelf body.

Also, also, also — PERMANENT TREANT FORM. HELL TO THE YES! I haven’t played my resto druid since Wrath much because I get so frustrated and can’t /dance it away. Will be so glad to have that ole tree /dance back, even if I’m on a different druid to do it (Ama used to heal, now Xeny does).

Really, just cosmetic glyphs in general are something I really love about Mists. The fun glyphs. I’m so excited they’re bringing more of those into the game.

I just have one question.

Where is the Glyph of Fel Fire?

Y’know, green fire. C’mon, Blizz, if you can do different colored druid forms, or the felguard now wields a 2H sword, or the Judgment spell slams down an axe if the paladin has an axe, green fire oughta be cake. People might hate you for a simple color filter that looks crappy, but … it’s totally possible now, right?

Do eeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, Blizz.

2. The Lorewalkers. I love archaeology on my warlock; I have Professor, was one of my guild’s first Professors if not the first, and am working towards having all the rare things. I have an entire bag devoted to fun vanity items that i almost never use, or that get broken every time I try to have some fun. I go back to old content to just see it and explore the crevices. I like doing exploration achievements. I like doing the Loremaster achievements, not just for the gotta catch ’em all points, but because I like all the dirty corner quests. I haven’t read all the lore books out there, but I love reading all the things.

I am really so excited for the Lorewalkers!!!

3. Challenge Modes. I want these so badly, but my guild isn’t chock full of people who like to do crazy things in a dungeon for the sake of doing crazy things. This was the reason I really liked the cross-realm grouping. I didn’t care about LFR or old dungeons. I want dungeon challenge modes! I want the PvE equivalent of Arenas!

I love the dungeon soloing things, I’m really into tailoring my spec to something it wasn’t meant for, like soloing something meant for 5man. I’m for using all my CC and junk instead of mowing down dungeons when overgeared. I like the beginning of tiers when everything is hard for everyone, and you can’t outgear it yet!

The only issue I have with challenge modes is the normalization that will go into place. I remember it on the PTR for 4.3, and it screws with your stat allocation. It just chops everything down, which screws your hit rating, obviously, but also things like haste breakpoints! I don’t want to have to alter my raid gear that drastically, so I might have to come up with a challenge mode PvE set.

I almost want to write a post on Challenge Modes, soloing old dungeons & raids, and exploration of my class later.

4. Non-linear & dynamic questing. This goes along with the Lorewalkers, I suppose, but I love questing. Dailies or leveling, I love questing. I especially like doing leveling nowadays “wrong,” or the not-most-efficient way, because it provides a challenge for me rather than killing green mobs in overpowered heirlooms because I’ve outleveled the zone. I like being pushed to get to know my class. I like having to play with the terrain around me in intelligent ways (like clearing a path for kiting later).

I also like doing long questlines, but not on every alt I level up. I have my favorites that I’ll visit again and again, but I alternate the Tundra or the Fjord on Northrend-level alts. I alternate Vashj’ir and Hyjal. By the time I get back on another alt, it’s been long enough that the questlines are a bit fresher and not the same old thing again for me.

The dynamic questing — scenarios — will be a little interesting and fun, I think. It’s like another way to quest alongside other players without being an accidental jerk (being on the same collection quest & killing “your” mobs) or having to sit & search for people to finish this one group quest you need for the zone achievement (Icecrown … /glare). Awarding the zone questing achievs to completion of chains versus number of quests is an improvement, too. Most of the suggestions from other players for which zones you “have” to do as you level usually refer to the epic chains!

5. What a View — Visit each of the 10,000 waterfalls in Pandaria. I will do this achievement in full Alt+Z glory, too. Or at least taking pictures at each major waterfall setting. I hope this achievement is staying!

One of the things I love about all the WoW blogs is when they post beautiful screenshots, especially with the graphics settings up that I cannot play with. When they post them full-size, I save each image, with a name attributing who I got it from, in a folder I have. (About half the folder is from Revive & Rejuvenation!)

I currently have 226 images in that folder. I used to have them rotate daily, but now I pick one out every month or so. My current one? Durn the Hungerer faceplanted in Oshu’gun (image from R&R).

5 things I’m looking forward to in Mists

3 thoughts on “5 things I’m looking forward to in Mists

  1. I’m raelly anxious to see how this pans out and wish even MORE that we had Tri-Spec for Druids…I love Boomkin and Bear, and would LOVE to get back into healing, especially now that Tree of Life appearance is back…

  2. elkagorasa says:

    As for the new Panda factions, I am looking forward to the Tillers. Last year for my April Fools post, I mentioned FarmVille Wow-style, now it seems they took me seriously.

    As a casual player, I am loving the changes to add challenge mode (to dungeons), the scenarios and those new mini-games. Who’s going to have time for LFR anyway.

  3. Thanks for linking my gallery again Pon ❤

    The only trouble is, it's currently borked. The images were all hosted at scrntag.com and they changed everything recently. There's a lesson there, kids.

    I shall attempt to fix it this weekend for you 🙂

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