UR is Recruiting

Have a poster, because I made the image/poster a while back after goofing off on break during Blackhorn progression, and now I can actually use it since we’re recruiting for DPS. 

We’re looking for mages or warlocks since we’re down to one of each (yikes!), but any DPS other than hunters are needed as well. (We have five or six raiding hunters!) As for healing or tanking, paladins and priests would be great. We are working on Hagara 25 Heroic, and would prefer an applicant to be not too far behind on gear. Say, something like 390 ilvl, otherwise known as a combination of Raid Finder and Valor Points gear.

You can always ask me about my guild if you’re interested in joining, and I’ve made a page here on FC about us. It has our info at the top of the page and killshots of Dragon Soul content that I’ve taken.

Have a second poster is for our ICC runs, though I think our Shadowmourne wielder is almost done. It was also taken during goofing off that was happening on a break (just before Lich King). Info below the poster.

We’ve been doing the ICC run on Sunday if we finish Dragon Soul in 25man, else we do it Monday or Tuesday nights at 8pm Eastern/server. We try to do ICC 25man on heroic, though we haven’t been doing many achievements since the runs are about killing bosses for shards. But Real ID friends (We are Alliance!) of guildmates are welcome for the most part, especially if we need warm bodies for deeps to make it go faster. You can contact me privately through a DM on Twitter (@slowpoker) if you don’t actually know anyone in guild to do it cross-realm.

UR is Recruiting

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