Beta Unleashed

So the Mists beta is out and started up, including all the datamining.

And warlock tanks, holy shit?! I’m still skeptical as to how full of a tank we could be. I’ll be excited to try soloing dungeons in a souped-up theorycrafted demo tank spec and gear, but I’m still not putting my chips in the pile of warlock tanks as full meant-to-be-tanks. Maybe pinch tanks, half tanks. Maybe.

We’ll see. The destro post basically got sat and it’ll probably be out of date by the time I get back to it. Sorry, destro, but  DEMO IS FRICKIN COOL OMG.

In the meantime, while I try to not drown in trying to write as fast as possible about changes while reading up on everything else and having time to think…have some glyphs.

I realize some of them appear to be broken (Haunt, Metamorphosis, and Felhunter), and I think it’s because they are broken and were just left in there. It’s beta, take stuff for granted. Some of the glyphs are old and the same, and some of the glyphs are new. And yes, I’m squeeing over the Demon Hunter one, shut up.

As far as it goes for commentary, though, I’ll leave that to Blood Pact. Unless I can’t figure out how to make stuff fit WoW Insider’s scheme of things. Or talk about bear tanks.

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Beta Unleashed

3 thoughts on “Beta Unleashed

  1. EnvoyOfTheEnd says:

    I am going to be a stick in the mud here, but I do not like the idea of warlock tanking if that is the way it is heading.
    Tank shortages are community driven, because of a lack of desire to continue playing them.
    More tank options will not solve that.

    We should not be a class people flock to due to suddenly being cool.
    I do not want to have to be the wow hipster reminding people I played warlock before it was cool.

  2. My bf just linked me something about how Haunt is going to use up soul shards. Not sure I am liking that one. Let me know if you find out something on that. I should be getting my Beta invite once they open it up to the annual pass subs.

    For some reason this concerns me

    Also, demo tanking sounds AWESOME!

  3. I prefer the situational tanking capabilities warlocks have now to any actual ability to tank. It makes it feel much cooler when I pull stupid things off than if I was handed the capability to do it.

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