Green Fire or GTFO, Crabby

Postscript: Apparently people think we’re serious when we flip a shit over no green fire. Asking for green fire every patch is like asking for a warlock class flying mount. It’s a goddamn running joke, people. For fel’s sake, live a little.

Green Fire or GTFO, Crabby

2 thoughts on “Green Fire or GTFO, Crabby

  1. Dejara Thoris says:

    I’d argue that it has become a running joke in the “half fun, whole earnest” tradition. Green fire would be cool, green fire would make internal WoW sense, Green fire could be spun into an interesting lore difference between fire mages and destro warlocks (normal fire vs the chaotic corrupting fire of the nether), Green fire would not be unbalancing (being purely cosmetic), Green fire would actually make a lot of warlock players happy (retention!), etc.
    Lots of positives and not a lot of negatives….and we still don’t have it. Which I think gives us a good idea of how player desires actually factor into the Blizzard decision making processes.

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