On trying to mind map out all the things

I know there’s probably fifty bazillion compilation posts on every forum out there.

I originally started my Google Doc collection of warlock info to keep up to date on all the beta information while I’m still without access. I play affliction primarily, and therefore go look at affliction stuff first, which leaves me less up to date on demo/destro. I also can’t read everything all the time, but other people can read things I don’t at times I can’t and vice versa.

In the future, I’d also like fellow warlocks in either email or IM or this doc/board collaboration — something way the fuck longer than Twitter, please — as walls to bounce ideas off of, especially when it concerns the specs/playstyles I’m not stellar with.

Yep, I’m totally being selfish here instead of trying to create the One Doc That Fits Them All.

Cynwise suggested I keep track of all the things that happen, by date & such, so we can map out the beta for one of those “look how much shit changes” kind of things. Jay (@returningtolife) suggested I use Trello over Google Docs, since Google Docs will get unwieldly fast, so I’m going to try for that. I’d like to keep it small, so the noise ratio stays low. I’ll test the Destro board out on someone before I open the whole thing.

Boxes of ideas

I do my normal by-hand research like this: the old one-idea-per-index-card schtick. Sources used to have symbols in the days of grade school papers and 5 sources, but now I just number them. I number my sources as I find/use them, and if I have to later order them for the public, the Find/Replace All function is really cool like that.

And then I have different colors of cards, one color for one bigger topic of index card. And then piles for the even bigger ideas, and the piles are laid on my floor or taped to my door in Ziplock bags in the order I want stuff to flow. When it’s an article, I don’t use index cards, but I’ll do one idea per line and group the lines together, even going as far to change the color of the text.

(You should know me by now: colored text is my thing.)

(Also, yes, I fucking love mind maps. MIND MAP EVERYTHING in school. 3D MIND MAPS ARE SO COOL.)

Anyway, so my compilation of information is much like that. Boxes of ideas, especially since this is in a board layout with boxes of boxes of ideas all around. Corkboard applications are so cool to me. (WTB Scrivener 2.0 on Windows, plox.)

Format that is important to me

I like seeing how things come about, rather than straight believing someone. I like citations & sources on everything that comes from outside my own brain.

I don’t like it when citations overwhelm the information, so I prefer minimal quoting. Quote marks are for verbatim quotes; otherwise I footnote stuff with the source number. If I can’t truly footnote/superscript it, then I make do with the number in parentheses and then a later note with the full source.

I like idea pieces that I can fit together into boxes with one source repeated everywhere rather than listing all the ideas by a source. The point is, I say, to connect the ideas, so I want the “unit” to be “1 idea” not “1 source.” But I do put like-ideas together under bigger idea units.

For the Trello example below: the smallest unit is the bullet line < the combined bullet line + source < card (“Incentives for X embers”) < list (“Embers”) < board (“Destruction”)

Caveats: Trello is obviously meant mostly as to-do collaboration, with due dates and stuff. Basically I’d love to take Google Docs, infuse it with the linking ability of a wiki, and shove it onto a corkboard. So I want Scrivener, but online.

Basically…can I have my brain on paper? Except have it be like one of those stringy balls that you can sort the colors into by pulling strings this way and that way. With all the 3Dness and super-interconnectivity? Kthnx.

On trying to mind map out all the things

2 thoughts on “On trying to mind map out all the things

    1. I do not have a Mac. Hence my love-hate with Scrivener, which, while it works in Windows, it’s not the “OH SHINY” version I see for the Mac platform of it. 😐

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