Dear people who want Dark Intent

Yes, I’m fully aware that your style of flinging magic at a boss is balanced around having a legendary and Dark Intent. So’s mine.

Yes, I’m fully aware that the shadow priest I chose is the least DPSing of the three shadow priests I can pick. Not to mention the two or three moonkin I could pick, or the fire mage. I’m even aware of his low DPS when I don’t have meters running because you only ever bug me about it when he’s not the top performing shadow priest. It’s just like Mr. Recount Spam never spams when he’s not on the top, y’know?

You see, you like to bug me about DI every raid night. Sometimes every boss fight. Sometimes on off-nights. It was kind of funny the first couple of times you bugged me about it. Then it got annoying, and now I want you to fuck right off about it.

The guy I pick has been a pretty awesome DPSer ever since he joined our guild. He’s been a pretty solid shadow priest. He’s no slacker. He hardly ever dies of his own fault, so DI stays up the whole fight.

He’s also nice about my DI, unlike you. He never asked for it specifically. When I forget to apply it in trash, he asks politely once about it after all the trash is done. The one night I put DI on the other shadow priest for shits and giggles, he asked if he had lost the privilege of having my DI.

Yeah, that’s right, the privilege. It’s my spell after all, isn’t it?

And he explained to me nicely that he reforges around it and would like some heads up if it was indeed the case that I wasn’t going to be giving it to him anymore. Which would be a polite thing for me to do if I ever did change targets.

He didn’t ever demand it from me.

He doesn’t talk about his DPS when I forget it.

So I give it to him, because he doesn’t make me want Mists to come that much faster to change this godawful spell for me.


P.S. I’m so sorry, druids, about Symbiosis. I wish y’all luck on that.

Dear people who want Dark Intent

8 thoughts on “Dear people who want Dark Intent

  1. LS says:

    Sounds like a damned fine shadow priest if you ask me. Wish I had been able to raid with someone like that.

  2. I feel your pain. I like the way you handle distributing DI. And fortunately for us druids, Symbiosis doesn’t provide much in the way of flat DPS increases like DI does. But yeah, we’re still gonna get a bunch of QQ 😦

  3. maniacpsycho says:

    Amen to that Pon, wish I could find a fixed team with players like your SP, my life seems to consist of hunters screaming at me for DI in lfr, then threatening to report me for putting it on a SP or Boomkin.
    Yeah it was a fun new spell when we got it but now I wish I didn’t have it, kinda reminding me of can you summon me whispers in TBC…

  4. elkagorasa says:

    Happily haven’t gotten the QQ for DI. Lately my LFR groups have just gone tank and spank on everything.. Of course, with the queue times in the 20-30 range on my server, don’t have the patience.

  5. Pon,
    Your a warlock and your suppose to DI the person who pays you the most gold πŸ˜‰ Oh, and I meant the most gold per boss pull not just a “one-time payment” for the whole dungeon.

    On the lighter side, glad to see your in Beta. I think your complaints about adding a dual resource is ringing true. After you get acclimated into the specs, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new mechanics and styles on both your blog, WoWInsider and on the Blizz Forums.

  6. Fairness (Emarisea) says:

    At one time, I put DI on whoever the raid leader told me to. Of course, the raid leader took best choice for his own. Then later, I began to give to my friend. But then the boss man kept asking for it, so the boss man got it. πŸ™‚

    I tell you…I will not miss handing out DI in MOP. Buffs should affect all in my opinion, unless its just for you. You would think Blizz could see the can of worms they are opening with Symbiosis. What a nightmare they are going to have balancing that.

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