It’s Dead, Jim

I’m finally throwing in the towel on this computer. While I think it’s just the fan that’s not working, the cost of shipping it out to get repaired is just about as much as buying a new computer.

So I’ve ordered a tower through Newegg & will get a monitor when it’s here. Thankfully I have MoP beta on my external harddrive, but the real game will probably take a day to install again. But at least I have my What The Fuck & Interface folders. Also my bazillion screenshots, and others’ screenshots that I’ve used as desktop backgrounds over the years.

It’s so weird preparing a computer to move to another one. I know it’s a thing, but I can’t help but feel sad for it.

Any last farewells for my dinosaur/toaster?

For lolz, my last-known WoW settings that I’ve raided on for all my years. My TabletPC turns five this August; it’s older than my entire WoW career and has served me faithfully despite all my cursing at it.

For more lolz, here’s a shot of Speccy. It was actually running pretty cool today, since I haven’t loaded up anything heavier than a Chrome tab and a Wordpad document. Sometimes I used a USB stick (or two) with ReadyBoost.

It’s Dead, Jim

6 thoughts on “It’s Dead, Jim

  1. Ugh! Sorry your computer died Pon,

    Hopefully, the new computer will rock and life will be good again. That happened to me about a year ago. I hated spending the cash on a new puter, but it was worth it. When I first logged into WoW my settings went to ultra. I was like OMG! I can see across SW or Orgrimmar!? There’s ground clutter? I have spell animations? Yep, life at 8 fps was never any fun and my new computer speed was amazing. I hope yours will be amazing as well. My best…

    1. agreed, raiding and pvp with a higher level of spell animations will make so much more sense, when you can actually make out more of the sparkles on the ground!

  2. So if you get an adapter, you can probably take the HD out of your laptop, and use it to transfer WoW to your External (Unless you think that’s doable with your laptop in it’s current condition), which you could then transfer to the new PC. If Windows wasn’t a douchebag, you could just go from old windows drive to new Windows drive, but I don’t think that’s possible. (Hubby tried to do it with no success at the time). This would save you the /flailing of trying to download the 30-ish GB beast that is WoW (Plus no flailing at patching either).

    Just an idea! (Plus you can get anything off of that harddrive, as it seems like it’s not having problems)

    1. I have actually played WoW off my external before, when my computer’s original fan died the first time. It just takes about as long to transfer the folder over, though. Maybe not entirely the same length of time, but it certainly took forever last time I did it.

      I also want to go with a fresh install since my computer had lately not been saving addon variables and the like. I just want to make sure it’s nothing corrupt in the folder.

      1. I purchased one of these for my last upgrade. ( I was going from an older system running IDE drives to a system with SATA drives. For $10(us) and a screwdriver, it will definitely save you some bandwidth.. 🙂

        (I wouldn’t suggest long-term running this way, but great way to grab the data off. )

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