New desktop background

As part of my re-exploration of WoW graphics, I’ve taken a lot of screenshots simply for my desktop wallpapers folder. The folder has a lot of Revive & Rejuvenate shots in it, but also a lot of my own screenies. My old wallpapers were 1024 x 768, of course, but now I can have gorgeously large 1920 x 1080 wallpapers.

I think I want to make sharing my new scenic shots a regular thing. I don’t know how regular; maybe it’ll just be whenever I feel like it.

Clicky for embiggens.

I’ve found that warlock effects combined with the Putricide-like buff in heroic Scholomance make for awesome screenshots. The center Putricide is me, of course, and the other Putricide is my guildmate Martiean.

For some reason the Audience with the Stonemother picture showed up in the post, but when clicked on wouldn’t exist on WordPress, so here it is again.

New desktop background

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