Pet Battles: Team Redwall

I named my hunter pets after Roman authors. What else would you expect of me for pet battles?

Naturally, the beasts and critters lend themselves to characters from the Redwall series.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any weasel or ferret pets I could find, so I used a prairie dog/marmot as the next best thing. There also aren’t badger pets. So I used raccoons or skunks.

Team VS Team
Martin (Highland Mouse)
Matthias (Mouse)
Mattimeo (Prairie Mouse)
VS Tsarmina (Nightsaber Cub)
Cluny (Stowaway Rat)
Malkariss (Prairie Dog) OR Slagar (Fox Kit)
Martin (Highland Mouse)
Gonff (Mouse)
VS Tsarmina (Nightsaber Cub)
Bane (Fox Kit)
Ashleg (Brown Prairie Dog)

Some teams I just thought of without an opposing team.

The Fugitives
Gingivere (Nightsaber Cat) + Ferdy (Clouded Hedgehog) + Coggs (Silent Hedgehog)

Jess (Squirrel) + Cornflower (Prairie Mouse) + Columbine (Mouse)
Also | Mariel (Mouse)

The Long Patrol
Rosemary (Alpine Hare), Clary (Snowshoe Hare), Thyme (Hare)

The Long Patrol (2)
Rosemary (Alpine Hare), Tarquin (Tolai Hare), Basil Stag (Hare)

For Salamandastron!
Constance (Masked Tanuki), Boar (Shy Bandicoon), Rawnblade (Skunk)
Also | Sunstripe (Masked Tanuki), Auma (Bandicoon Kit), Mellus (Masked Tanuki)

Cluny’s Horde
Cluny (Stowaway Rat) + Redtooth (Redridge Rat) + Cheesethief (Wharf Rat)

Mattimeo’s Antagonists
Ironbeak (Gilnean Raven), Malkariss (Prairie Dog), Slagar (Fox Kit)

Evil Rats
Cluny (Stowaway Rat),  Gabool (Wharf Rat), Damug (Carrion Rat)

My particular favorite is the Long Patrol (either of them!)

I’m sure there are more to be thought of — got any?

Pet Battles: Team Redwall

4 thoughts on “Pet Battles: Team Redwall

  1. This is so made of win! I loved the Redwall series back in the day, especially the Badgers of Salamandastron. Redwall Badgers, Hufflepuff Badgers, UW-Madison Badgers… I’ve been sad for a long time that there aren’t anyu badgers in WoW.

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