Grimoire of Sacrifice update

Grimoire of Sacrifice (level 75 talent) got a buff in the latest beta build. The tooltip depends based on spec now, with numbers ranging from 30% to 35% to 50% for the single-target spell buff.

A new addition is that the master gains one of the demon’s abilities as well as a damage increase and health regen. The Command Demon ability allows you to use this gained ability, and it’ll change based on the pet you have/had out.

Of course, since you can’t choose both Supremacy and Sacrifice for your Grimoire, you aren’t going to gain the Observer’s spellstealing bubble anytime soon.

From my experience on the beta, here’s what you get:

  • Imp –> Singe Magic
  • Voidwalker –> Shadow Bulwark
  • Felhunter –> Spell Lock
  • Succubus –> Seduction
  • Felguard –> Pursuit

Expect more details & discussion of the gained abilities in a later Blood Pact (not this week, but maybe the week after).

Grimoire of Sacrifice update

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