Mog Concentration

I’ve been sharing my transmogs on Twitter lately. (For example, here’s my healy druid one that’s pictured to the left.) Unfortunately, 140 chars isn’t much room to show off what I like about them.

I wanted to post some more transmogs to Go Mog Yourself, but I felt guilty about posting just MogIt sketches rather than finished sets. I also felt bad because I designed my mog sets around my particular character, and I know some armors just don’t transfer very well to other races. But I wanted some place to save and share my transmogs without cluttering up my main blog here. (Not that I post much here ever since I started writing Blood Pact.)

So I made another blog with a photoblogging theme so I can show off my mogs.  For each set, I have:

  • a gallery as I around to screenshotting mogs,
  • some words about what I like about the mog / why I made the mog,
  • restrictions, such as class or profession or faction,
  • the gear itself (duh),
  • & how to gather said gear

Some of the posts up aren’t finished. I mean to keep it looking unfinished like that, as I put pieces in part by part, because it’s a place for me to put my stuff. It’s not meant to be a polished trophy case in the main hallway where everyone can notice what’s missing, but maybe my little closet in my room where dust likes to collect sometimes or maybe I put things out of order every once in a while.

If you want to grab a set, that’s fine. One of my warlock sets, in fact, isn’t my design at all. If you want to take parts of a set, that’s fine too. This is my space merely to show off what I think is cool.

Mog Concentration

3 thoughts on “Mog Concentration

  1. elkagorasa says:

    Hey Poneria,
    Do you want Mog Concentration to be Private? OOO, Members ONLY!

    Nobody wants to let in the Orc,
    Excludedly yours Elk. 🙂

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