I got spammed along with Hestiah from Navi, who still had to come back for more UR bloggers. We do have a quite a bunch of them. Navi, come back on US Wednesday/Thursday nights! I think it’d be cool and funny to see Navi in a raid of UR bloggers, even if it’s just outside of Dragon Soul or whatever.

I figured mobs in Grizzly Hills would eat her constantly, so I couldn’t take Navi to the log flume. But I figured no harm would come to her on top of a Zangarmarsh mushroom! Key phrase, of course, is “on top of.” Nobody said anything about falling. (Bad warlock!)

You can read Navi’s account here.

Here’s some more screenies I grabbed on top of the mushroom.


3 thoughts on “Navispammed!

  1. Ohhhh fun!!! I love the mushroom idea! I am not sure where I would go with Miss Navi…hmm have to brainstorm that today 🙂

  2. Mushroom jumping was cool! Never done that before. Lol and the falling part… well never done that before either but it makes good blog post fodder! One of my guildies said “you went and saw Poneria and didn’t ask me to come?” So I had to tell you that you’ve got quite the fan club happening there!

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