I picked Falling Meteor as a minor glyph once

I copied my warlock over again to beta, to see what 85 warlocking will be like. I locked her XP, so she’ll stay 85 no matter what I do, and then I took her dungeon-soloing as demonology with the Dark Apotheosis glyph. I started with Grimoire of Supremacy and a voidlord, but soon tried out Sacrifice alternating between actually sacrificing and running with a voidwalker out.

I tried Stonecore and Vortex Pinnacle normals, as I’ll be trying those for their mounts. Killing up to and including both Slabhide and Altairus is not too horrible. It still required a bit of pet control from me and some stance-dancing, but I survived and killed them with minimal dying.

So I decided at the end of one Vortex Pinnacle that instead of running to the entrance like a normal person, I ought to just jump off the side. You know, since they made it so the little tornado that picks you up returns you to the entrance. Right? Right?

I’d finished Altairus in Metamorphosis, so I just jumped, and then Demonic Leaped over the landing into the clouds.

You read the title of this post right? Right?

And you remember that Falling Meteor means using Demonic Leap while falling means you don’t die, right?

Specifically, you end up at 1% health.

I know this because I sank to the bottom of Vortex Pinnacle, hit 1% health…and then started regenerating health without a tornado or teleport back up. I floated right out of Vortex Pinnacle proper, and soon was in nothing but clouds. Still floating, still moving, and still very much alive.

Okay. Character Stuck option, right? Hearthstone is out because you can’t cast while moving. The other option is to kill yourself by pressing the return to graveyard button, which returns you to the GY totally dead. So I click that.

“Can’t do that while moving.”

Well. Um. Okay. Blizzard, I thought you were hit-capped so you could hit moving targets.

…I got it!

I’ll just logout.

“You can’t logout now.”


Exit game?



So I have to kill myself with absolutely no assistance from Blizzard, right?

I’m a warlock! Self-harm is my specialty! I can do this!

Life Tap doesn’t kill you anymore; it just fizzles if you don’t have enough health.

I tried Burning Rush, but that too turned off when I reached the point of not enough health.

Hellfire! I was technically out of combat, so I can’t tell if Hellfire was just refusing to tick me over into death or if I was regenerating too fast for it to do so. I tried to pair up Burning Rush with Hellfire, hoping they both would outtick the health regen. Nope.

I dismissed my voidwalker — who could still be Sacrificial Pacted! — and then Life Tapped down to single-digit percents, and THEN Sacrificial Pact, but Sac Pact apparently only does half of your current health if you have no demon. I suppose that’s a good thing in all other situations, but it didn’t help me this time.

After a while I finally floated back into Vortex Pinnacle proper, including floating through walls. Okay, time to get out before something bad happens.

Plan alt+F4 finally worked.

I log back in, hoping maybe that reset it.

I’m still at the bottom of Vortex Pinnacle, but where I jumped originally, and no longer seem to be floating by. I start to click my hearthstone, just to see if it will work, and it says I’m moving. I must be still falling.

Okay, whatever, it can still kill me, right?

Oh, go on. Guess what it told me.

Let’s just alt+F4 once more and let it sit overnight through the dungeon reset.

I picked Falling Meteor as a minor glyph once

4 thoughts on “I picked Falling Meteor as a minor glyph once

  1. “So I have to kill myself with absolutely no assistance from Blizzard, right?

    I’m a warlock! Self-harm is my specialty! I can do this!”

  2. Congratulations on finding one of the weirdest bugs. Make sure you let them know about it!

    It’s kinda neat discovering bugs like this in a way. I found one for my Priest not too long ago. During Wrath, when the Power Word Barrier glyph was first introduced, I found that if you cast Power Word: Barrier repeatedly without moving, you could actually stack the glyph effects infinitely. A few Priests and I managed to stack the glyph effect (it didn’t wear off until we moved) to something like 500% additional healing received.

    Well, I thought it was funny at the time :\.

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