[D3] Zombie Dogs are back

With patch 1.0.4 for Diablo III, witch doctors got a lot of buffs to their pets. I’d forgotten that the patch went out this Tuesday, so after we wiped for 3 hours on Spine 25H (yay disconnect boss), I needed something to kill. I needed something to whet my appetite for mob death. So I went back to D3, as it’s become my haven for more-than-occasional derping and yet amazingly satisfying as I hack-n-slash everything in sight.

Previously, I loved Zombie Dogs initially, but later found out by a guildmate who had a 60 Witch Doctor (WD) that they were pretty much useless outside of Normal. And they were. They died in a few hits if not already one-shot, and the Gargantuan wasn’t much better. I had fun through Nightmare & Hell as a CC-master using Zombie Wall, but that was about as much zombie as I got at once as a witch doctor. I figured I would end up as a fearbomb-style WD, which I didn’t mind, since I love to fearbomb in PvP in WoW. But I did miss the whole army of zombies style of WD.

Well, that’s back now. I played through Act I Inferno (+ Paragon 1) with a wizard friend (& then with another barb friend to make 3) and we were wrecking FACE. It was gloriously fun, incredibly satisfying, and totally made up for the torture that can be H Spine. My Zombie Dogs also didn’t die very much; I resummon a lot at 2 ZDogs left, and that really only happened when we had a ridiculous elite pack or possibly 2 packs. I even switched to Grasp of the Dead: Death is Life rune, so I got the Hotdogging achievement.

Here’s my new build as a witch doctor with zombies. I’m still experimenting with all the things, and like I’ve said, I’m pretty casual when it comes to Diablo III. So if you want to rip me a new one about it, go somewhere else, because no fucks are given.

I also found the dye color Forest while out adventuring, and I have to say it’s maybe my new favorite dye to wear on my WD. I was previously wearing Cardinal/Red with a Diablo-looking helmet.

I have to say, as a warlock and a witch doctor, zombies & fel green or go home.

I’d have more time for Diablo III talk, but I’m still writing up warlock things for patch 5.0.4 for WoW & the eventual Mists of Pandaria guides after that. I feel like I’m relearning my warlock groove. That is, I’ve got all the research down; now it’s time to get the intuition with my skills back. I also get to throw a twist into my schedule in the form of a job, so I get to maybe actually crack down on my lazy writing since time will be less available now.

Busy busy busy, in other words. But the witch doctor and my zombies are making for some relaxing slaughtering of the masses. 🙂

[D3] Zombie Dogs are back

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