Blood Pacts for MoP

I realize I don’t really blog much solid warlock stuff over here anymore, but I write it over at Blood Pact, instead. If you’re looking for warlock information and guides for MoP and/or Patch 5.0.4, I’ve already gotten some stuff written down over there. Some of the stuff I’ve been writing since I started at WoW Insider is out of date with how the beta is working, so I’ve grabbed what I think is still relevant/useful.

Spec summary — Goes over general talent choices, damage cooldowns, healing cooldowns, curses. Then each spec gets a brief summary of major glyphs, pet use, stat priority at 85, and rotation breakdown.

Core summary — Things changed up for warlocks in general as well as in each spec. This covers Dark Intent, Symbiosis, general stat priorities, and briefly how the specs are structured so to keep the different spec flavors while retaining a unified warlock class.

Pets & Grimoires — My attempt at everything from the very basics of pet mechanics (for new locks who may or may not have played a pet class before) to the meatier Grimoire discussion. Goes over pet stances/commands, pet abilities, Command Demon’s various abilities, and brief summaries of the Grimoire uses per spec. The destro specific Grimoire use is possibly outdated (already!); Sacrifice wins in the pet sims, but the Observer (Supremacy) has been seen in the raiding sim.

Minor glyphs — A focus on showing off some of the cosmetic glyphs, but covering all the minor glyphs.

Warlock tanking — In which I tested out warlock tanking in Dark Apotheosis and found that my demon could do it better.

Leveling in MoP — I know one of the hurdles to new warlocks is the painful / confusing leveling. It got better in Mists, trust me.

Spells that are the same name but different — Like Dark Intent. It’s raid-wide now, OK?

Level 90 Talents — An overview of the level 90 talents. I’ll revisit this, as some of it might be out of date.

Demonic Gateway — A video I found on Demonic Gateway before I got my shiny new computer with Fraps. Demonic Gateway is our level 87 ability, and yes, you can go through it mounted!

Those who are not afraid to wield power — A new book showed up in Stormwind, summarizing warlocks’ efforts at gaining power after the events of Cataclysm. I went with it and tried to weave in new MoP warlock abilities with warlock flavor & personality.

Green fire questline possibility — This will always be in the back of my mind, OK?

This week, my guild is raiding in Dragon Soul under the 5.0.4 patch, so I’m tempted to do a Dragon Soul with 5.0 mechanics post. We’ll see how it goes.

I have plans for September posting, but if you have requests for MoP warlock posts, please let me know here or at WoW Insider.

Blood Pacts for MoP

One thought on “Blood Pacts for MoP

  1. I know that you like to hit cap. I like to too. The uncertainty that missing has on my rotation has at least an impact on my happiness if not my overall DPS.

    However, there is a lot of advice for affliction warlocks sacrificing hit for Mastery and Haste. Not just a little bit, but suggestions of BiS running at < 9% hit.

    It would be great to have a Blood Pact explaining the theory (and practise (if you're willing to experiment)) behind it.

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