Last (25) man standing wins

Want my commentary on warlocks in 5.0.4 Dragon Soul? Check out Blood Pact soon. 🙂

Tonight we killed 25H Spine, the fight against whose wall we’d been beating our heads for the past month. We would have killed 25H Madness, too, were it not for the blood bug. We did the 15%-24% yo-yo with the bloods a few times before Deathwing finally enraged at the end of our night.

Since there’s word that it really is bugged on H Madness and that a hotfix is coming soon, he should be dead next week.

We like to brag that we’re the #1 25man on the server, even though that isn’t saying much. We’re #1 because we’re the last 25man guild standing at the end of Cataclysm.

Say what you want about other Elune 10man guilds who have been 8/8H for months now who are recruiting for 25s in Mists of Pandaria. We’re still 25man for all of Dragon Soul, and we beat the 25 encounters they gave up on. We’ve done it with funky composition and we’ve done it with the attendance boss critting us in back-to-back nights, so yes, “gave up” is the phrase I’m sticking with.

We’re not server-first kills, but we don’t give up. It’s actually not strange to see our progression happening with 20-24 people in raid on a 25man fight. If you like that kind of crazy where the boss dies with just the Earth Elemental standing, and two nights a week is your thing, you might want to check us out for Mists of Pandaria.

Last (25) man standing wins

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