Happy Birthday, Undying Resolution!

These are actually from our 2nd anniversary gala we had in Dalaran on September 20th, but today is our birthday of guild raiding. /guildinfo says we started on the 26th, but we didn’t raid until that Thursday, which was the 30th. Phew!

For our guild awards that we do every year or every tier (maybe it’s every tier, actually):

  • Juvenate, Most Improved Raider, with comments on how he stepped up into our healing lead mid-T13
  • Zweibel, Best Raid Performance / MVP, with comments on his raid leading and being a superb hunter
  • Venat & Ariano, Most Helpful Members, with comments on availability to help with anything & being generally friendly and awesome
  • Amowrath, Officer’s Choice, for growing within the guild from noob to very helpful dude

We played TriviaBot and discovered that Mageurburnz (@druidleaves) is ridiculous at it, whether that’s because of his news reporter skillz or previous downtime in Orgrimmar, we don’t know. Our last trivia question was answered with Gurthalak, which was fitting since we seemed to get at least one if not multiple Gurths every raid early on in Dragon Soul. We started to hand them out to new members simply because we got so many.

We spent our last week getting meta drakes from Dragon Soul for a lot of guildies.

Our last game was Dalaran Darts, where we run off the rock trying to hit the iceberg in the lake.

The question was if your raid leader asked you to jumped off a cliff, what would you do? As Venat said, “I always follow my raid leader,” and indeed, our raid leader went first. Unfortunately, his plan of ruining us all with Path of Frost was shattered by his unforeseen death on the iceberg.

Happy 2nd Birthday, UR!

If you’re looking for more info about UR, you can look at the about page I set aside for my guild on this blog.

Happy Birthday, Undying Resolution!

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