In need of a PvP goal

I don’t like being globalled via a stunlock situation. I don’t like sitting at “defend farm” all battleground long, even though I know if I attempt to leave it, the dumb paladin will follow me instead of staying. I’ve found it’s much better with friends, but it also has to be the right friends. I don’t want to play through a battleground listening to you bitch about this mechanic is too OP because you had no defenses left or obviously this better geared team is better geared. I don’t like it when friends who came with me give up on the first flag capture and either sit in the BG complaining or literally AFK out and then make the rest of us wait for your timer to finish before we queue again.

That’s just all the not-fun I’ve had in BGs.

But the highs when I pull a decent match, even if I did poorly or we lost — I like those. I want more of those.

I also still think PvP is a battle against the self, though I hit that wall in PvE finally on heroic Spine. Learning to trust that I do actually know how to do things and that I need to just go with it instead of flipping a shit all the time. You’ve probably noticed that, the flipping a shit, right?

I also write Blood Pact, and Blood Pact doesn’t have the subtitle of “Warlocks Who Only Raid.” I need to write more about other things in the game, like PvP. But I prefer my writing when it’s about things I’ve done or experienced. It’s most real and interesting to me, then. So I gotta PvP.

I want to set a reasonable PvP goal for the season — that is, Season 12. Who knows when it ends, but I figure that’s a good time frame. It’s what, a tier of raiding?

I have 7268 Honorable Kills on my warlock as of writing. I don’t know if 10k is a good goal or if it’s too big for one season of casual play. Remember: I’m going to be raiding, farming, alting, and challenge-moding, too. I want to do rated play, but I don’t know if I can find a partner who will match my times and skill.

@Jagoex suggested I do Battlemaster, or shoot for it at least. As you can see I’ve only just begun if I go for it.

Battlemaster entails finishing the Master of the five old battlegrounds:

Master of Alterac Valley:

  • Alterac Valley Veteran = 13 /100
  • Alterac Grave Robber = 2 / 50
  • Tower Defense = 0 / 50
  • Loyal Defender = 19 / 50
  • Everything Counts
  • The Sickly Gazelle
  • Stormpike Perfection
  • Alterac Valley All-Star
  • Stormpike Battle Charger
  • To the Looter Go the Spoils

Master of Arathi Basin:

  • Arathi Basin Veteran = 19 /100
  • Arathi Basin Perfection
  • Me and the Cappin’ Makin’ it Happen = 15 / 50
  • Disgracin’ the Basin = 3 bases in a single battle
  • Overly Defensive = 3 bases in a single battle
  • To The Rescue! = 2 / 50
  • Resilient Victory
  • Territorial Dominance = 1 / 10
  • Let’s Get This Done
  • We Had It All Along *cough*
  • Arathi Basin All-Star
  • Arathi Basin Assassin

Master of Warsong Gulch:

  • Warsong Gulch Veteran = 8 / 100
  • Capture the Flag
  • Persistent Defender = 1 / 50
  • Frenzied Defender = 5 flags in a single battle
  • Warsong Gulch Perfection
  • Warsong Expedience
  • Ironman
  • Not In My House
  • Quick Cap
  • Supreme Defender = 32 / 100
  • Save the Day

Master of Eye of the Storm:

  • Eye of the Storm Veteran = 11 / 100
  • The Perfect Storm
  • Eye of the Storm Domination = 2 / 10
  • Flurry
  • Stormtrooper = 5 in a single battle
  • Storm Capper
  • Bound for Glory
  • Bloodthirsty Berserker

Master of Strand of the Ancients:

  • Strand of the Ancients Veteran = 11 / 100
  • Storm the Beach
  • Steady Hands = 2 in a single battle
  • The Dapper Sapper = 0 / 100
  • Explosives Expert = 5 in a single battle
  • Not Even a Scratch
  • Artillery Veteran = 39 / 100
  • Artillery Expert
  • Drop It! = 33 / 100
  • Drop It Now!
  • Ancient Protector
  • Ancient Courtyard Protector
  • Defense of the Ancients

There’s also the other battleground achievements to consider. Master of Isle of Conquest, Master of Battle for Gilneas, Master of Twin Peaks, Master of the two newest battlegrounds — Silvershard Mines and Temple of Kotmogu! Don’t get me started on whether I should go back to the graveyards that are Wintergrasp and Tol Barad.

I also want to see rated play. But again, schedules, and often is the case, gear. Or just plain composition. But I want to try.

I would also like some friends to PvP with, whether BattleTag or on Elune itself, I don’t care. I prefer the non-bitching PvP friends, the ones that just want to go and blow up some Horde.

If I got persuaded into leveling a Horde warlock, I might be persuaded into leveling via PvP. Just maybe.

In need of a PvP goal

3 thoughts on “In need of a PvP goal

  1. I’ve never been a big fan of PvP (basically because of the lower level bracket and all the heirloom nonsense), but I had done a couple arena matches on my DK a while back and it was actually a fairly fun event. I, too, have been wanting to level a toon purely through PvP, but have been working on other things first. It’s an interesting goal, that’s for sure, and doubtful that very many people do it.

    I don’t have very many friends that I know who do much PvP, so I hardly ever jump into a battleground. Too many people do too many things and aren’t organized as a team.

  2. Poneria, just keep in mind that BG PVP is completely different beast than Arena PVP. Arena to me is closer in play to, say a good raid, where you can yell stuff out over a mic to a known friend and say, hey I need help here!. BG is more like a badly formed dungeon group. You have a common goal and every so often you get that warrior tank that thinks too much of himself and is insulted if you join with your voidy up. “So you think you can tank, well go ahead…”

    Battlemaster is a grand goal. A bit lofty personally, as it will require some long-term dedication, that I just don’t have. Too much reliance on the random. Well, unless of course you get yourself a nice raiding guild and can run every instance as a ‘pre-made’.

    My suggestion would be to attain a 1500 arena rating. To get gear you will want to be running a few BGs, read up on Cynwise’s review and then suffer through the 10-win random FUN that is the placement cycle. Find youself a nice 3-man team (2 DPS + heals) is a wonderful balance. I like checking out arena junkies to get a good idea of what plays well together. DK + Warlock not so nice (maybe if I played affliction with those self heals?). Priest + 2 Palys worked out well.

  3. After years of solo battleground play, it has been a revelation for me to PvP with people I know and like. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy it well enough pugging on my own. But it’s different when you play with someone you know. It doesn’t matter if it was lowbie WSG with Psynister or high level EotS with a 5-man from Waypoint, bringing friends helps.

    I know I’m retired and am supposed to be quiet. But this is something where I agree – it’s hard to write about it well without doing it yourself. This is especially tough since Mists has so much to do. Dailies, raids, it’s hard to know where to start, and a goal can be a good thing. Battlemaster is a big hairy audacious goal, and I like it, but it’s a long-term goal. You’re a long ways away from it, especially balancing all the other things which you want to do with your time. I think you should go for it, but be honest about your progress too – you’re less than 10% of the way there based on wins. You have a lot of PvP ahead of you to get there.

    So. Don’t worry about Battlemaster in the short term.

    Just PvP.

    Take a night a week or 30 minutes a day and PvP. Grab some guildmates who want to get Conquest gear and do 2s and 3s. Don’t worry about rating, or worry about your rating a little bit and shoot for 1500 like Elkagorasa said. Learn about the comps, play with lots of folks, find out why different classes work and different ones don’t.

    Grab folks from Bnet and UR and Twitter and take 5mans into regular BGs. It’s amazing what 5 people who 1) care and 2) know wtf they are doing and 3) aren’t afraid to talk can do. Yes, you will lose. But you will win more often than soloing, and when you do lose you at least will have more fun. (Protect your damn healers, all healers are your friends.)

    See who might have slots available in their rBG teams. I think Conquest has one? See if UR would be interested in trying them. They can be brutal to start out with if you have casual PvPers (2s are much better for greenhorns) and require commitment. But depending on how raiding goes… ? BattleTags are your friend here.

    Just PvP. Just get in there and start doing it. Make mistakes, get messy, make Ms. Frizzle proud.

    (Bring friends if you can.)

    I will try to be better about letting Bnet know when I’m jumping into a BG. If you do level one hordeside via PvP, let me know. I have a few toons I’m leveling there (including bbCynwise, level 31.)

    Ok. Back to lurking.

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