My unit frames

I’ve gotten a few requests for an export of how I do my unit frames. In the past, I’ve used highly customizable frames like Pitbull, but currently I use Shadowed Unit Frames. The ability to snap some frames to others appeals to my OCD about spaces between my frames.

Here’s the export at Pastebin. You can import it into Shadowed Unit Frames by clicking on the Layout Manager tab of “General” and pasting the code into the box. The code is quite large, so don’t be alarmed if it takes a minute to load.

About my setup

My warlock’s setup has changed since Cataclysm; I now have my frames much like I had my bear’s frames in Cataclysm. They are centered just below my toon (so I can see fire). My UI is currently set for my monitor which is 1920×1080, so you may have to adjust my settings to fit your screen. The frames also all disappear when out of combat and not targeting anything, so I can enjoy the view.

In case you don’t have it, the font is Myriad Condensed Web and the bar texture is Minimalist.

Frame descriptions:

  • Player frame is to the left. I like my mana bars on top. I prefer to see my health percent as well as my current/total health, as it can depend on the encounter which I need to see.
  • Pet frame is anchored to the left of my player frame. It’s the portrait plus a health bar; I rarely if ever need to see my pet’s mana/energy. The portrait does just fine for seeing which pet it is.
  • Pet target frame is above the pet frame and overlapping with my player frame. It’s got the name of the mob and is just a health bar, so I can double-check easily enough to see that my pet is hitting the correct target.
  • Focus frame is anchored to bottom left of my player frame. I usually use this for bosses or escort NPCs.
  • Focus target frame is anchored to bottom left of my focus frame.
  • The space in between player and target frames is where my Weak Auras, cast bar, and my debuffs on my target go.
  • Target frame is set up similarly to my player frame. I’m often targeting a mob, being a DPS class, so the health text is closest to the center since it’s most important for me. Again, it has both percent and current health, since the encounter can vary on which I need specifically.
  • Target of target and target of target of target frames are set up similarly if diagonally mirrored to focus & focus target frames. These help me tell if a tank is switching targets or sticking to the same one (re: threat).
  • Omen Threat Meter sits directly to the right of my target frame and expands upward.
  • Main tank frame is small with just a name and health bar, since as DPS I really only care if my tank is about to die. It has the raid icon in case an icon is called out rather than a tank’s name.
  • Main tank target frame is much larger, for fast clicking to switch to a called target. As a DPS, health percentage (for rough estimate) and raid icon are most important to me, so they are closer to my field of vision and larger.
  • Boss frames sit to the right of main tank frames. The mana bar is visible in case it is important (I imagine I’ll use it for Stone Guard), but this frame usually doesn’t show on many encounters.
  • I use Grid for raid & party frames, and they sit as small boxes off to the left side of my screen. I typically use my raid frames as a DPS to see who is dead, as in should I go die in a fire to help the wipe end faster.

Have a picture while out of combat with the configuration up.

Click for embiggen.

I will probably get a screenshot later in raid with Stone Guard to see if the boss frames show correctly.

My unit frames

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